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  1. So a donor only set of shows. Which means an even weaker setlist than i+e Toronto!
  2. For me the "essence" is "U2 18 singles" the tour. Not the exciting band I knew on tours past.
  3. Selling one 360 Moncton GA at cost I had someone bail for 360 Moncton also so yeah, that was some tasty card stock. I don't buy extra anything anymore.
  4. Willie should invest in a sonic screwdriver. It can fix anything, ie failing LED screens, LED screens that don't release band members etc and it also puts together a nice shelving unit. Plus Rocko wouldn't have to worry about the aforementioned getting stuck in the LED screen Spinal Tap moment Timelord(s) approved.
  5. Don't know about that but I like your avatar. You are "Fresh As A Daisy". JAMES listener?
  6. Just buy the shirts u2start.com make. They are superior.
  7. I've only seen the 2 Vancouver i+e shows. I am a huge U2 listener you could say. Regarding iNNOCENCE + eXPERIENCE. I was really bummed not to hear Volcano, Ordinary Love, Lucifer's Hands, Crystal Ballroom, Sleep Like A Baby Tonight and This Is Where You Can Reach Me Now anywhere on those two nights. I went looking for Innocence and got mostly greatest hits.... I got really lucky to hear California and Miracle Drug (finally). They totally jipped Hawaii on that song during the Vertigo tour. Dismayed... But I wanted to hear the new stuff and left without hearing it. @BigBunny. Aye, by the time 360 went back to north America in 2011 they had dropped Breathe, No Line On the Horizon, Unknown Caller, FEZ (Being Born) and Magnificent (until Philadelphia 2011). White As Snow, Stand Up Comedy and Cedars of Lebanon weren't even attempted at any time.
  8. It was so much easier to take pictures during the Elevation tour. No one had smartphones.
  9. I only miss his guitars, I don't particularly miss his flailng/strumming.
  10. None of the 2 i+e shows I've seen are in my top 5. No my friends, that goes to shows from the Elevation and 360 tours.
  11. Because forums is blehh and OP wants to have a bit o' fun? 41. This Is Where You Can Reach Me Now 42. Sleep Like A Baby Tonight Peace I'm out! *drops mic*
  12. "So long and thanks for all the fish..."
  13. Well they burned all the books, including U2 Live A Concert Documentary by Pimm Jal de la Parra in that story if we're being symbolic.
  14. Yeah 'Every Breaking Wave' should have been full band. The ultra emo version making the rounds right now is odd. I like the slow build to Bono's vocal change on the album. Right now Achtung Babies perform the best live full band version of 'Every Breaking Wave'.
  15. And for a record called 'Another Time, Another Place' which doesn't even have the song...brilliant. Would have been better served as 'Things To Make And Do (and Say)'
  16. They wristband you and scan your card before you enter the building. It's not like opening night where it was a much more chaotic mess of getting scanned, then wristbanded after you enter 1 of 6 doors. They still managed to cause chaos the second night because they still put N & S ticketholders together in 6 rows outside the doors. So when the doors opened N people had to go through gate 109 and S had to go through 112. BUT because they were lumped together on ALL 6 doors there was unparalleled collisions as N tried to go to the right and S tried to go left. I gave Guy Oseary an earful when I saw him making his rounds below the catwalk. I told him it's a mess, they need to get this sorted out for people in San Jose. He said he'd make sure this wouldn't happen again. Apparently it still happens...
  17. What does this mean? I am just curious cos I'm Japanese. Apparently it was a London show where the audience were not very enthusiastic at first so Bono made a joke before they played '11 O'Clock Tick Tock'. It's only vinyl 'fan club' edition. You should ask Bono why he said that though.
  18. People who did multiple shows went on the off-chance U2 might play some rare song on one of those nights. I mean c'mon on 360 I heard: Your Blue Room All I want Is You Wanderer 40 Breathe Magnificent One Tree Hill Bad Out of Control North Star No Line On the Horizon at different 360 shows. Bono didn't lie NOR did he and the band clarify what the 2 nights would be UNTIL a few days before the start of the new tour. That is terrible communication. So yes people who bought tickets for both nights on pretty much "faith" have every right to voice disappointment or outrage about this tour.
  19. Because Bono hasn't read Farehneit 451 yet. He wouldn't destroy books so wantonly after reading a story about the destruction of books and ideas.
  20. Age excuse is an excuse. Scorpions still rock and they're not in their 20s anymore. Ditto JAMES, FIXX and a hell lot more who are no longer "young".
  21. Which ones would those be? Perhaps I should rephrase what I said.....Most bands would appreciate that dedication from their fans, U2 seems to appreciate it more. Fair enough? Adam came out to say hello the morning of Vancouver I Opening Night and sign a few photographs. San Jose actually got all 4 members to appear. Wasn't here, have seen the endless fan photos. After seeing JAMES though, I think that band probably appreciates it more. They hang out after every show until it's time to go. 2012 US tour was a longtime dream fulfilled. I have personal photos taken with the (and not selfies) with each of the 6 members (I missed Jim Glennie). Regarding autographs, I'd like a chance to get the rest of U2-3 and Another Day's sleeves signed. Haven't tried since 2001 to get this done.
  22. Google 'Achtung Babies', 'Achtung Baby', 'Joshua Tree' or 'Lemon Chile' for the best covers.
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