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  1. If I stop to think, I start to cry, so I won’t try to hard to think, I won’t think at all. The showman gave us front row to his heart. Making a spectacle of falling apart, was just the start of the show. #u2eitour

  2. Well said. This album is really good. Over the decades, I have found something in every album that I love and I find it really cool that my 18 y/o-musicphile-daughter also loves this album.
  3. whoot! Now I can book my flight! See you on the floor!!
  4. Has anyone seen any information on what the stage set up will be like or if there will be RZ ticket options?
  5. Ready!!!! I booked my room, now just need tickets ?
  6. I was lucky and got to go to both the Vancouver and the Seattle shows. Vancouver was good and special but the Seattle show was amazing. Thanks for the surprise ending song. Everyone in my section was dancing like crazy and having so much fun. JT30 is over for me so hurry up and get on with songs of experience ?Love the new single!
  7. That photo is one my husband took from his seat. Ive seen the show twice now and so much of it is the screen...not the first few songs but once they start into the joshua tree it is.
  8. My daughter and husband had the same sort of seats for Vancouver, section 418 on the bc place map if you want to compare. They said they couldn't see the screen at all
  9. Beautiful kickoff of the tour
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