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  1. Since noone is interested in exchanging my tickets for sunday 16th i will have to sell them on face value of course. Please send PM if interested. I will be in Rome tomorrow morning and will have the tickets with me
  2. I Exchange 2 GA tickets for Rome 15th for 2 GA Rome 16th. Please PM me
  3. Moderator you may block this topic...The tickets were exchanged with another fan from Italy. Hence you may lock this thread. Thanks a lot.
  4. They are hard tickets and waiting to be sent...they are 2 GA. Yours are also 2 GA...right? Please PM me so we may discuss
  5. Dear all, I have 2 GA tickets for the concert in Rome on 15th of July. I would like to exchange them for 2 GA tickets for the concert on 16th of July. If interested please send me e-mail to mod edit - no emails please make the trade/sell deals on the public forum and use PM for further details
  6. Hey all, Would like to ask how the ticket exchange is going to work for Europe since second dates have been added. For instance i have 2 spare GA tickets for Rome on July 15th and would like to exchange with 2 GA tickets for July 16th. Any information on legit/valid forums or topics or where the community performs these transactions? Best regards
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