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  1. The u2 presales worked like a charm for me, unlike may others, but the citi pre-sales were a bust. I got the pull down for citi pre-sales promptly at 9 am, but whatever tickets I requested, in whatever category including "best available", or number, returned an error message asking me to try again later. No message that there were no tickets available, just an error message with the search. If others were able to get in, I'm assuming the allocation is probably gone by now. Oh well.
  2. During i&e 2015 there were different color wrist bands for each RZ. You could go from your RZ to GA and back, but I never tried to get from RZx to RZy. With the video wall set up, it was hard to move from side to side as I recall.
  3. To the best of my knowledge, RZ1 is on the right facing the stage (Adam) and RZ2 is on the left facing the Stage (Edge). Several TM venues have maps showing RZ1 and RZ2 that way, and that was how it was for the i&e tour in 2015. There is also a venue seat map floating around from Cali I think showing similar (and more detailed) staging, with a more accurate depiction of the RZs. It looks like — and It would make a lot of sense — that the e&i arena staging will be the same as the i&e arena staging, with RZs at the front corners on both sides. For the i&e tour, where I did RZ fro
  4. As far as I know, you can’t repost RZs thru TM. On my account page, that option is grayed out for my RZs. I’ve had other artists impose similar restrictions on TM prohibiting resale and, to the best of my recollection, JT30 RZ was the same way. The fine print on the RZ description also says as much.
  5. Ticketmaster posts the RZ1s (Adam) first, then goes to RZ2 (Edge). If you are feeling lucky and you want Edge’s side, you can pitch the RZ1s back until you are offered RZ2s. But now that we are deep into presales, it’s not clear there will be that many RZs left to allocate, and if the RZ1s you are offered happen to be “returns,” or the last ones available, there may not be RZs left at all when you get your next offer.
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