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  1. Greetings from Sydney, Australia! We're about to jump on a plane and spend all our holiday money to attend concerts in New York (GA) and Connecticut (VIP). Does anyone have any info about the "draw" that takes place for Backstage Tours? We love the band and over the last few years have been lucky enough to travel to some amazing places to see them play - as they have sadly stopped coming to Australia! Any tips to make this trip EXTRA special with the backstage tour would be greatly appreciated. ... Love truly is bigger than anything in it's way..>!!
  2. From the last three shows, timings were: 6:45 - Lumineers start 8:00 - Lumineers finish 8:45 - U2 starts 11:00 - U2 finishes have a great show! Enjoy every minute!!
  3. We have 1 spare ticket for Houston tonight in the silver section. Friend pulled out. location is section 307, row L. Cheers.
  4. Thanks JEBollero - you guys are awesome. Just a bit tricky to get to the ground from our accommodation tonight so we'll come with the hoards in the morning!!! Lot 9 off Kirby drive right? I assume it's just one line at the moment which will then split into two once they let us through as I note there will be two gate entries for GA? It's all so confusing. Thank goodness for the fans to sort things out!!!
  5. Hi there, we have just flown in from Australia via LA and the two shows there. Excuse our ignorance, but what do you mean by "check in is at 5am tomorrow?" Is it we come get a number now from the awesome Fans patrolling the queue now, and then be back at 5am tomorrow for round two and line up? Thank you in advance... Bronwen
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