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  1. UPDATED: 1 GA ticket for tonight is still available. The seated ticket has been sold.
  2. Hi - I have 2 singles available for opening night available @ face. 1 is seated in section 103, row 9 and the other is GA. Let me know if you are interested. Regards, Paul
  3. I believe this is the interview where Edge spoke of playing Acrobat: [Audience member] Are we ever gonna hear Acrobat played live? [big audience applause] [Edge]: You know we've had a few requests for Acrobat recently so we have to take that one out and learn how to play it. I remember recording that one and it actually came together pretty quickly, so maybe... http://www.u2tour.de/news/article5239.html
  4. I would like to purchase the 2nd ticket if there is a way to sell it. Also willing to pay for any extras involved. Has anyone contacted the venue and asked what will be required for entry? I've been to several events where they say the credit card will be checked and I haven't seen it enforced. Although, it is always a possibility. Let me know how I can help.
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