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  1. Did anybody happen to record this as i didnt know it was on till after rage was shown. if somebody would have a copy would they please be willing to share a copy. If not would any body know if rage will happen to repeat this again soon
  2. i hope that they findhim soon as they need him to organise the oz tour im have the opion of every body else whats with all the bashing of the boys,im shure they read the pappers. as for coldplay (who are refered to as crapplay in my house),ther not even fit to lick any of u2s boot laces,i along with alot of other people wish thecomparing would stop as,it seams stupid to compare a garage grop to a lengendary band that have more hits&fans thay these jokeers can dream of.all so heardthat they were spliting up this year cart put up with the compotion?or the ugly sing must need to go hid beh
  3. Just adding my oppinon and i think that he sound brilliant to me, if you watch larry,you can see him smilling so if that is happenig they must be playing well. Bono could teach most of the try hard singers how to sing (coldplay) with his eyes shut standing on one leg & his arms tied behind his back. the only thing is they better give us ozzies a date soon on when they will grace us with there preasence please.
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