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  1. So very sorry hear about this,she sounded like an amazing woman Who was a massive support to the boys. R.I.P Mrs The Edge xxxxxx
  2. I would like to be there chef/waitress/kitchenhand/barkeeper because thats my job in real life so i know i can handel it well That said i would want to be Larrys personal chef when he wants one :)
  3. I've just finished watching it & hmph not shure about it, I like the book much more. It's a great book & I think the movie ending is odd, but I will watch it again just to catch the bits I missed due to kids being annoying
  4. Yep shure can & i brang a spare in case we need it theres plentay for every body im jjust enjoying a baileys in honour of the great mans big day & wsatching Rattle & hum
  5. HAPPY 50th BIRTHDAY LARRY (all thought you dont look it ) Not only the worlds best Drummer but the Hottest Thanks so much for haveing the guts for posting that note & for trying to keep Bono under control & thank you so much for everthing else you have brang to us. (&for many more years to come) All the Best on this your special day
  6. its the 31st here so Happy Birthday Larry hope you have the best day <3<3<3<3
  7. Thanks for the link Mich i was gonna ask were i was able to get one It will be intresting wearing it around seeing if it gets any reaction/reconsion
  8. [quote name='mdmomof7 wrote: jrtm']Is it me or is the guitar work at the end of Paradise a complete and utter rip of Edges work on Unknown Caller?? Coldplay really give me the shits, Anton Corbijn directing Coldplay Unstaged on Youtube, in the studio with Brian Eno. Not hard draw any parallels is it? Not hard at all. I said this a while back when I first saw the artwork for MX. But, I shall tell you that while I like the popular CP songs I hear on the radio, listening to the ANTON CORBIJN (grrrrrrrr....) directed Youtube VEVO broadcast today, I had to turn off the sound. The aerial shots were cool and all, and I liked the grafitti laden X center stage, but the monotony was so tiresome, both vocally and melodically. Those boys look lost up there. They just play the same thing over and over. (Funny, huh, because that's basically what Edge does, but then it's NOT!) Now I'm off to hear if I agree about UK, the much maligned song that I very much like. I have to totally agree with you both about this, & im with jrtm im totally over that other mob copying nearly every thing u2 has done!! i dont like cp at all i find them very boring & montonus & over rated all the songs sound the same to me. I think Larry mighten thing much of it either with some of the comments ive heard him make about them,weather in joke or not.
  9. i really dont know why ive never sen this be four this moring but what a lovely smile
  10. I dont dress up either here in australia very few or us do. Ill be celabriting Larry's Birthday instead
  11. Hi i usually hang out in Lary's folder (yes im aware how bad that sounds) But i noticed this & thought ied come in & leave an early happy birthday message to the man that started it all & with out him there we wouldent have this thing we call U2
  12. Here Hello & there are a few more of us learking around
  13. [quote name='mdmomof7 wrote: happyme wrote: mdmomof7']Import CDS has the Uber in the US for $366.69 http://www.importcds.com/...71649/U2-Achtung-Baby-CD Super Deluxe for $104.49 http://www.importcds.com/...71648/U2-Achtung-Baby-CD Thanks for the link I just went & checked it but thay wont deliver outside USA Sorry! thats cool dont be sorry it was worth me looking but now ive resigned my self to the fact that i can only afford the supper box & not the ubber next time i will be quicker but at least it has the same cd/dvd content
  14. i just watched this & i just wanted to say WOW that was awsome :) i comptly loved it Bono's voice in my opion was awsomwe & of course Edge was Brilliant just wish the other pair were there but i loved it.
  15. Thanks for the link I just went & checked it but thay wont deliver outside USA
  16. [quote name='chocky wrote: happyme']Would anybody know of any ware I can get a resinably priced uber box in Australia?? As i missed the amazon deal & the shops out here won't lower it below $500 I've been waiting for it to drop but thay won't budge I've wondered myself what the real opening price in Australia will be. I managed to lock in a great price from Amazon with express 3 day delivery to Oz (A$382 delivered) but have contemplated cancelling it if I can find a deal below A$430-ish. But even JB Hifi is at $499 That was a great price at amazon but at that time I couldent afford it so I missed out but now I regret missing out & I saw JB's price & have been hoping it might go Down
  17. Would anybody know of any ware I can get a resinably priced uber box in Australia?? As i missed the amazon deal & the shops out here won't lower it below $500 I've been waiting for it to drop but thay won't budge
  18. I really want it too but out here in Australia thay won't drop the price it's still $600 I missed it on amazon ca when it was cheaper & to get it posted it will cost the same as it does here so I may wait ??
  19. Thank you so much Larry for putting up that note & making the world a better place:) So Happy Birthday to the Larry Mullen band <3<3<3<3
  20. [quote name='monica martino wrote: surrenders'] Larry is slated to do an audience Q&A session via Skype as well. The end of the world is getting closer No the End of the world carnt come YET I have to see this Movie first but after that is fine, what a way to go ;p
  21. I was wondering were Larry was also??? But I'm not shure about being photoshopped into the cover photo cause thay all seam to have similar looks on there faces!! Is it sposed to be a distinguished look? Either way I'm really liking & hoping I can get a copy
  22. I'm really not shure Wich one I like the most, if I had to pick I suppose I would go with original. I do love this song & think there nuts for not releasing it,this is quite possibly the song there looking for.
  23. Wanted to add my condolences to Adam & his family. A big hug from us down under
  24. Thank you stubby, cause over here no won knows any thing about it yet! I've checked all web sites & they only have releases up to sept. Just saw the Nirvana box set of Nevermind, now don't get me wrong I'm a fan of them but at close to $200 I think it's a rip off for 5 diskes & 30 page book!!
  25. Happy birthday Edge my Guitar hero
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