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  1. Lyte is used by bands and festivals for fan to fan ticket exchanges (so not scalpers!) Mumford & Sons has used over last 2 years and it works really well. Allows a fan whose plans change/can't make the show to sell their tickets to other fans. Scalper-proof as you can't designate who you sell to specifically, goes into a pool/waitlist. Works with credit card entry tickets. I understand and support credit card entry to stop scalpers but it would help if TicketMaster stopped allowing credit card entry tickets to be purchased with prepaid Visa gift cards which the scalpers (in collusion w
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    Awesome! Were you in GA? Main stage or B stage? What did the sign say? "Larry can I have a drumstick?" or something else? Did you only hold it up at the end/when they were done playing or during the set? thanks! you've obviously inspire me
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