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  1. Also, drusilda...I'd love to help, but I won't be getting in town until 2 pm (I'm driving from 4 hours away and will have other friends with me). I've read some interesting posts in Chicago about the leaders of "the list" and how they bully the line and how the list is created weeks in advance...I'm most definitely not one of those people!!
  2. They finally called me back, and still don't have any information yet. She told me to call back middle of next week??!!
  3. Not yet! They have not called me back. I've waited patiently long enough! I will start calling again tomorrow. I'm would guess their plans have changed a bit considering what happened in Manchester.
  4. Update: I have spoken with someone from the stadium. They have not finalized plans for the GA line process yet. She said that she would notify me when they have. Probably in a week or 2. I will update when I find out.
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