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  1. I was shocked since I missed the presales entirely yesterday (busy with life) and just randomly checked today and scored two GA tickets for the fourth Chicago show.
  2. I have always suspected that it is the same people listing the $5,000 tickets - it makes the $400 one seem reasonable.
  3. I think you are right - must just be a TM mistake, not that they would ever mess anything up!
  4. That might be possible, but that was one of the options when I unselected all the seats and choose only GA. I have been to shows where paying an extra fee for GA allowed you early admission - otherwise I don't see how they could fairly charge different amounts for a GA ticket. Not that venues or TM are overly interested in fairness . . .
  5. I am just wondering - WERE there in fact $46.50 tickets? The two times that I did get GA tickets in my 'cart' before TM crashed on me I only pulled up $82.50 tickets. Just curious if the $46.50 GA tickets actually existed, or are just a myth to raise our frugal hopes.
  6. Follow up Question - did anyone get $46.50 GA tickets for toronto? Why three GA prices? I know about the redzone, what are the other two?
  7. I can't believe GA are GONE for both shows. I am hoping it is just heavy traffic and TM wonkiness and plan to just keep trying. Frustrating thing is I HAD GA twice and TM failed at check out.
  8. Same here - how can this be?
  9. It does say 10 am on the little pop-up but I suspect that is just a mistake since 10 a.m. seems to be the usual start time for TM presales. One thing that has me a bit concerned though is having the Innocence members (which I suspect is a larger category than the Experience crew) ALL starting at noon EST for ALL North American shows. I am not expecting a great TM experience - could be worse than what people encountered yesterday . . .
  10. I too was renewing, but only had the option to pay $50. My priority was getting the membership current again for the presales so the additional $10 while unfortunate was not a deal breaker. That said, a little coupon for $10 off on a merchandise order from the store would go a long way towards making me really happy and not cost the fan club much . . . .
  11. mhillm

    Toronto Presale

    If you are logged in and go to the tour page your code should be there on the screen just above the list of venues. The innocence codes are not active yet, but they are there.
  12. I don't understand how this would even be possible with the credit card and photo id requirement?
  13. This little wrinkle/teaser is the thing that bothers me the most. Regardless of ticket limits, I can only attend one show, I would like a little more information to help me know which one to choose. I have no doubt that both will be awesome, but if one will be mostly new stuff and the other classics I would like to know that up front. I appreciate that they are possibly trying to build in some suspense, but to be honest they are just setting me up to feel like I possibly choose wrong and missed out.
  14. Is it just me, or would it have made more sense to have these presale start times spread out through the day? Like a different pre-sale starting up every 1.5 or 2 hours just to spread out the numbers of people trying to use the system?
  15. While I would have liked to pick up three tickets to bring along my stepson, I understand the limit this time around. Soldier Field seats about 80,000 - the United Center just over 20,000 . . .
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