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  1. got mine today!!! YEE F**KING HAW!!! LOL MT. JULIET TENNESSEE
  2. Mt. Juliet.(Nashville), Tennessee USA
  3. SYCMIOYO CA wrote: ventureone wrote: Hey Everyone, My girlfriend and I got inspired by "The Joshua Tree" album and just had to go find that tree. We took a road trip through Death Valley and found a lot more than what we were just looking for. One of the best trips of my life! I can't tell you how good that album sounds while driving across miles and miles of desert! You can find the tree too, if you know what you're looking for.... Watch the video here: http://twurl.nl/0b6qvb Thanks, Scott Hey Scott!! isn't is sureal out there?? so peaceful, a sanctity I can't quite put in words.... A group of us went out there in January!! We also took a video.. and tons of pictures... We were approached by the sherrif... lol we were behaving, he did say we were the biggest group he had seen out there, that he kept an eye out hoping he would see the band there LOL... Wanted to know if we knew who put the memorial palque there.... Of course he admitted if he weren't auch a U2 fan himself, that plaque would be removed (it already was removed once-- but out of NOWHERE "SOMEONE" replaced a new one.. ( it is a sacred Indian burial ground, and therefore prohibited)-- we said we had NO AHEMMMMMMM CLUE!!! lol!! Someone also made a video of it, with "in God's country playing" it's on youtube, were all in it !! Hey Scott that was an awesome video! GREAT JOB!!!
  4. rmoo


    u2zoo24 wrote: inthesound wrote: u2zoo24 wrote: usedtobegrande wrote: mick james wrote: For craps sake people, buy the bloody ticket you can afford and stop complaining. Yes we all want to be down the front for any U2 gig, but if you missed GA's then too bad so sad. There are tix for 30 bucks, and if you can't afford that, then you can't afford any concert. You have to make the call - I can't afford more than $ X - so bite the bullet, get the tickets you can afford and watch from the cheap section. Consider those of us in the rest of the world that don't even have the oportunity to go to any of these shows. ........ $30 - WHATS THAT A PIZZA AND A SIX PACK?? That was something I found amusing in some other threads. Some of the "bigger" fans (translation: spent the most money on U2 stuff) were saying things like "I've spent 1000's on concerts, cd's t-shirts etc" and in the same post whinge that they can't afford a $50 membership. That's a tank of fuel! I have friends who had a horizon pre sale codes (first group) and they got nosebleeds. I don't need to pay 50 bucks to buy nosebleeds. I can by nosebleeds for less than fifty bucks each. That makes no damn sense to me. A Horizon presale code got them nosebleeds? Nosebleeds to me are the seats all the way up top and the people at the bottom look like ants. Either they could only afford the cheapest seats to begin with(and if that's the case, then being in Horizon doesn't get them a special privilege. No way you're entitled to a $30 lower tier seat just bc they're Horizon. Just gives you the first crack at the tix, AHEAD of everyone else in Breathe, Boots, AND general public.) or they actually have some decent seats but since they're not right in front of the stage they consider their seats nosebleeds. My friend went for ga's and got nosebleed. section 435 i believe. Check out a map of bc place. Thats top tear in the rear. NOSEBLEEDS.She had a horizon code and thats what she got. I went online today with my bc lions boxholder code (bc lions ticket holders have presale access to all concerts at bc place) all i could buy were the $250's or $30 nosebleeds. No ga's avialible and the public sale hasnt evn started yet! They only have a limited number of tickets available for the pre-sale. EVERYONE should have a chance at the GA'S.Not just the u2.com members or people withother pre-sale codes. BE THANKFUL YOU HAVE TICKETS!!!
  5. rmoo


    I joined this site (3 years ago) because I am a FAN of the band NOT just to possibly get tickets.
  6. If you look at the model on this site at a certain angle you can see it spin!!! U2 in the round!!!
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