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  1. Too name a few artist Joe Strummer &Mescaleros Bob Dylan Otis Redding The Clash Sam Cooke Fela Kuti The Beatles Talking Heads The Smiths Tom Waits Jeff Buckley Johnny Cash Lee Dorsey Lcd Soundsystem Curtis Mayfield Kate Bush Al Green Nick Cave & Bad Seeds Sam & Dave Leonard Cohen Love Marvin Gaye
  2. http://groovevolt.com/?p=5772
  3. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HY2P1L1E2n0
  4. right on! INSTANT KARMA GONNA GET THEM hehehe... Laughin' at fools like me, Who on earth d'you think you are, A super star, Well, right you are.
  5. My intentions definitely was not to make anyone feel bad. And there is no reason for you to feel bad about my opinion. Exactly as you said, maybe I’m getting older and my musical tastes are changing and maybe I did overgrow or over played U2… My post was nothing else than just expression of my feelings at the moment and we all are here to share our thoughts. We are all here to exchange our opinions. I really don’t have any expectations for you to share my opinion or to give me support of any kind. As I said in one of the posts It makes me sad that they took money from fans last a
  6. Yep… They got money fooling around with tour dates and giving fans hope for a new album so tickets would sell… I’m glad that they got money from us as it seems they need it more than we do…
  7. Don’t say here we go again… Don’t tell me that you love U2 more than I do or have more respect than I do…Because you don’t know I’m just being honest and saying how I feel. And it makes me maybe more sad than you that there are more and more posts like these every day from hardcore U2 fans like I’m I’m afraid that there is a reason for this and I understand that if you are a new U2 fan you have a lot of to discover but if you are U2 fan for 20 years I’m afraid there is not a lot to discover anymore and there I said so…
  8. "When you blame yourself, you learn from it. If you blame someone else, you don't learn nothing... Joe Strummer... The truth is I don’t see U2 anymore as adventurous as they used to be and I’m also afraid that their best work is behind them. I really hope that I’m wrong but I doubt. Anyway don’t get me wrong I got from U2 a lot more than I ever hoped for. They got me thru some really bad times they helped me to heal when I needed the most. And that is why I’m grateful and will always be… I just think that they play really safe now(albums-concerts) ,when
  9. What i was trying to say i really don't have time to live in fear and especially i really don't have time to believe that government wants us to be free and happy making fake warnings all the time... They want us to believe how terrorist are everywhere so they could more easy continue to wash their money in blood like they did all these years.... Thank you Nazhira
  10. brrrr let's all get scared and leave in fear and be sheeps and be still.....
  11. Can’t believe no one said Memphis The home of rock and roll Sun studio, Graceland than Stax city of three kings Martin Luther,BB and Elvis the King…Delta Blues…
  12. It is Ok bacadorina if you are ok with whatever are U2 doing and don't think that is really STUPID having dvd out without breathe... but please leave out your tasteless humor aside... I'm not trying to make fans stupid who will buy dvd and are ok without breathe and are ok without new album coming out and are ok without having one extra b -side since forever that is not remix.... and telling them hey guys you would eat ANY shit U2 serves to you...and be ok... so please...
  13. I don’t know but it is obvious that U2 – FANS are disappointed and they want Breathe Sure join why not it can only help…
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