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  1. I wasted 15 minutes trying to use the official ticketmaster link :-( Thank goodness I jumped on twitter and saw that I should go through U2.com - happy that I got two GAs :-)
  2. Hi, I have an extra red zone ticket for tonight's show, I will try to check my PMs this afternoon, let me know if anyone is interested!
  3. I have an extra red zone ticket - unfortunately I won't be going :-( PM me if you are interested
  4. Hi Jenny, I might have an extra Red Zone ticket, should know this week, see my other post :-)
  5. I am in the Red Zone in Toronto, and would like news as well! Is there a separate bar area? Bathroom area?
  6. My cousin and I had originally planned on going to both the Friday and Saturday show in Montreal, but now we are each going to go to just one and take a friend. If he gives me his credit card for my friend (a girl) to use, do you forsee any problems with that? Should we notify anyone?
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