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  1. What a small world.My sister is currently tracing our Ukranian heritage with the help of a woman from Ukraine. Long story short...I was sent some email exchanges and this woman had a great grandmother who had lived in Richmond,Staten Island. That's where her search has hit a snag.. anyhoo...I'm from Long Island, NY
  2. Currently enjoying a a cocktail. The bar calls it Ruby Fruit, absolut ruby red vodka, patron citronage liquer and lime. Very good
  3. A few come to mind Patti Smith- Gloria maybe not better but totally awesome http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0cn8-TjXNuU Judas Priest- Diamonds and Rust NIN- Physical i had the good fortune to see adam ant perform the song with NIN hard to pick between original and cover..soooo Stones- Just my Imagination http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bro5Awd5vbw
  4. I love the Swiffer commercials. That is not my favorite one..just an example. the best is when the woman keeps getting gifts delivered in an attempt to win her back. Mop peeks out of the bushes while "baby come back" plays inthe background.
  5. xtraspicy62 wrote: What a relief, eh? Glad to hear that:) it is..thanks. The past 5 months or so have been about the worst imaginable in a variety of ways..but I'm a silly optimist and try not to dwell on theimpending doom that will most likely occur, the disappointments. lost time, waste of a summer. I could go on but it does no good to wrap oneself in misery nomatter how just it seems. I'll go outside pick some fresh veggies from the garden,cut some roses and take joy from the beauty that surrounds me. It'sno cure but it beats the alternative.
  6. my husbands surgery was successful and he should be home in a few days
  7. Would knowing for fact make a difference in the way you or anyone leads their life ? I would like to believe the people who are kind,charitable etc, are that way because it's in their hearts and not because they are following some sort ofteachings that were force fed to them as children...or feel they have to "spread the word" while helping others. Fearing God and and believing you'll wind up in hell if you don't behave a certain way can cause great stress especially if what you are doing orcraving is of no harm to anyone. I also would like to see more people accept responsibility for th
  8. Devils Child- Judas Priest then switching to 60's motown
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