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  1. It sounds to me like this journalist might need to consider a stadium seat the next time he attends a show of any kind. Overall, U2 fans are very friendly, even gracious to their fellow concert goers, but if he's not up for some rough and tumble maybe an assigned seat would suit him better. Has the impact of the U2 live experience changed for me over the years? Of course it has. Nothing can replace that first show at Joe Louis Arena in Detroit, Michigan, me a three of my K-College, 20-something, classmates getting baptized into the U2 community and singing "40" into the parking lot afte
  2. Your friend just likes to stir the pot. Of course, that's his prerogative, and he makes some valid points. Popularity and longevity do not equate togreatness, and music IS a subjective medium. Perhaps your time would be better spent debating more concrete matters. Music is a very personal thing, and weshould expect and even find comfort in the fact that musical tastes vary widely. U2 just happens to be a band that has made a mark upon your personal history,and it sounds like In Flames has impacted your friend's life in a meaningful way as well. I hope you will both just agree to disagree and m
  3. Bono, in particular, is very taken with the Bible and weaves references to it throughout the U2 catalog. On NLOTH he pulls phrases like "joyfulnoise" right out of Psalms and extends the hope and comfort of Emmanuel (God with us) in the soaring bridge of "I'll Go Crazy If I Don't GoCrazy Tonight." I was raised in the United Church of Christ with my father, my mother, an uncle and maternal grandfather as ordained ministers, andI'm pretty familiar with the Old and New Testaments. However, I agree with Ceallach67 that a need for belief in a higher power has permeated human historyand does not have
  4. I cannot pick just five. How about 10?
  5. A Celebration Wire Unforgettable Fire In God's Country Gone Even Better Than The Real Thing
  6. U2 has always jumped right in and got their hands dirty. Whether moving in a new musical direction or taking on complex world issues, these men have followedtheir hearts and are to be commended for that. Yes, they are the biggest rock band in the world and live a life of affluence and notoriety, but they have beenvery good and consistent stewards of their fame, talent and money. Most of us cannot begin to comprehend the circles in which they travel, and individually wewill not make anything close to their global philanthropic impact. However, we can and should be putting our time, talent,
  7. Very true, but I also appreciate his ability to poke fun at himself and to be as regular a guy as he can under his most unique circumstances. Right nowhe's got to get his rock-n-roll hero persona tuned up for the 360 Tour, and part of our job in the audience will be to buoy him and the band on theirworldwide marathon. Bono's words, lyrical and political, have inspired millions to be better stewards of their gifts and talents, and I believe he willcontinue making a positive impact in this world even after he has moved on to the next.
  8. This is a tough call, so I'm going to cheat a little bit and list three groups of five. However, even multiplying by three leaves many great artists outof the mix. MOST IMPORTANT 1. Elvis Presley 2. Bob Dylan 3. The Beatles 4. The Rolling Stones 5. The Ramones MOST INNOVATIVE 1. Les Paul 2. David Bowie 3. Parliament 4. Pink Floyd 5. U2 MOST INSPIRING 1. U2 2. Van Morrison 3. Bruce Springsteen 4. Neil Young 5. John Mellencamp
  9. Ha! Very good! "Still trying to find my favorite on the 'Boy' album." Great way of acknowledging the vastness of the great music in theentire U2 catalog.
  10. "I'll Go Crazy If I Don't Go Crazy Tonight" A soaring chorus and supersonic bridge with lyrics recognizing life's dark and difficult places while encouraging the listener to keep moving forward withconfidence. "Baby, baby, baby. I know I'm not alone."
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