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  1. I signed up again. Still waiting for my 'gift' my code is showing but crossed out. I used it for Cologne. Do I get a new one for Dublin? Please help!
  2. Hey if this is how we link to the band .. can you hold off till 2016 please?! and if the albums being worked on & on & on & on ... give us a shout when we can come n say hello hello at HQ!
  3. Defo, its not enough Surely the somg exists fully somewhere ... We cant we hear it in full? 'exclusively' Via a live link even! I found the mango song to be far more exciting! (oh, and the chat was ok ... But that's gone now!)
  4. Hurray I postd and I've lost my warning points!!
  5. I canny find the bit up at the top next to zoo faq But will try say hello hello anyway! ;-)
  6. Don't say black ... Prob not allowed!
  7. Lol@ zhivvy. 43000 posts!?!?? R u mad?!?? .... Oh yeah, u are! :-)
  8. Btw what's the green arrow? Is it like liking sumat on face ache?
  9. I have received a warning ... I have received one point! How many points am I allowed? What a load of tosh! Surely it's all about havin the craic? And if shit like that makes people giggle. .... And I know some do! Why not allow it? Is there a giggle ban? "You have been issued a warning by a moderator. Before you can post again, you must acknowledge the warning. Please don't post lewd images, image removed from your thread http://zootopia.u2.c...805-art-attack/ Warning issued by bigwave from Art Attack?. Given 1 points - expire on Jun 02 2013 03:38 PM." What on ear
  10. OK .. so I know it's old news .. nearly a year to be precise! .. but Glastopia was screened last night in the UK and I think it can be viewed here for 7 days. There's not much U2 on it but it was a great programme. I don't know how to tag on U2.com ... but Mr Brightside's got a speaking part in this! and ...well, the GlastoZootops all know who they are. Also, sorry, I am so out of touch with U2.com I don't know whether to blog or post a message .. so I'll do both! Enjoy it if you watch it!
  11. The wise words of Mr Brightside ... with subtitles too!
  12. My bestest Bono experience to date .. the end of 'All I Want is You' at Manchester 15/6/05. Bono came and stood right in front of me (B stage) and I was screaming “All I want is YOOOOOOUU!” back at him and frantically waving my glasses (shamrocks) and then he looked and I went 'BONO!' .. and he looked some more, swaggered over, reached down, took the sunglasses off me (our fingers touched - it felt electrical!) he took off his glasses, he put mine on, and posed for a pic. Then he bent down, and passed his glass to me (our fingers touched again!), he said “put them on, give me your camera” (
  13. OMG it's a feckin madhouse! Basher - yer a fookin mad twat! Zhivvy .. come here .. i've just opened a bottle of JP chuck! tut! tut! tut!
  14. done amigo ... please help another fello zootop :-)
  15. If you have previously SUPPORTED you still need to VOTE too please MANY THANKS :-) http://www.talenthouse.co...submission/detail/A96HZR vote for meeeeee & I'll vote for youuuuuuuuuuuu22222222222222 :-)
  16. I think i read somewher that it can be done by mobile too? does he have a moby? Just get him on facebook ;-)
  17. Thanks Jen .. I have voted for you too
  18. Hello Zoo! Long time since I've been in. Am trying to figure out how to view all entries in the trabbie contest and how to vote??? Anyone know? Also, if you support me please, I'll support you too (U2 ;-) ): Here's mine: Achtung ... here's my ... Baby Perfection Delive(red) If you think my baby is a winner please support & vote .. many thanks all x http://www.talenthouse.co...70735680#f30fc3bbcab09c8 Perfection Delive(red) by Philomena Mangonana www.talenthouse.com
  19. as you look out inot the crowd (Bonovision) look for the mangonana (which is yellow .. like a banana) Mrs Mango is to the right of that (bright lime green tshirt!) :-)
  20. Zhivvy wrote: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Dear Zootops!! Dr Zhivvy is not feeling too great at the moment - a bit off colour and a bit down! I have self-prescribed myself some rest, blankets and mangos and will be back tomorrow with all the answers that you need! xxx Dr Zhivvy! Wowsers .. never been here before and am amazed to discover that you have been prescribing for others very similar to that which I prescribed for you earlier!!!! talk about great minds!!! I only came in to see why facebookers are so quiet and to try and est
  21. tough call this one! it's not the winning it's the taking part that counts! Did anyone has the common sense to freeze their cake to bring it to share with the zootops in front of the pyramid on Friday !?!??!?!?!?!?!??!?!?!??!?! I will vote for that very sensible person! Friiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiidddddddddddddddddddddddaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay
  22. [quote name=kavanbJDE wrote: louie40]We start our journey from the north of Aberdeen tomorrow morning.............. can't believe it's nearly here. This has been 2 years of waiting to see the best band in the world EVER at the best festival in the world EVER!!! Excited or what???!!
  23. Bit like Slane ... Except you won't nearly die of pneumonia trying to get home after it .. because the show will be right there in your garden! (where's the bananas gone?)
  24. Too many cakes! Not enough prizes! Well done all of that have gone to so much effort .. such talent! Made me bloody hungry though! *goes off to serach for something sweet in cupboard*
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