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  1. Are you saying you just want the experience of waiting on a line outside in summer for hours, or you want the experience to wait on line to get a specific spot inside? If you are arriving between 12-2 that is still a fair time to be considered part of the "fan-run" line. Also, there will be people enforcing the line, so if you don't get a number you may end up getting sent to the end of the line when it's time to go in, and you will be no better off than what you have done in the past. Make nice with the people around you, you'll be spending a few hours together! We have to take care of our own! Between getting your number and becoming familiar with the people who are around you, this will 'secure' your spot as much as you can for a completely unofficial thing. You can come and go to an extent - try to always have one of you on the line, or tell your line-neighbors you're stepping away. But don't vanish for hours. And try not to leave in the last hour or so before the doors open as you never know when the venue staff will want to start condensing the group and barricading you in. Depending on where your venue is will have a lot to do with your options - for example - MSG is in the middle of Manhattan with plenty food options (and real bathrooms in Penn station!) you can walk to. But Uniondale was in a somewhat remote area, so bringing your own food was necessary. Stay hydrated, eat a full lunch and/or dinner otherwise you will be hangry, use sunscreen, bring hand sanitizer as the portapotty situation isn't always going to provide a proper hygiene scenario. Also I bring a little extra toilet paper too just in case you can obviously discard once you're inside/don't need it anymore. It's kind of like camping/picnicing... I know this sounds like a lot but it's not rocket science I promise.
  2. I know this is a bit delayed but I have to tip my proverbial hat to the people who were running the GA line like pros. Totally chill, no drama, everyone with wristbands were allowed in first and very orderly/respectful. Whoever you are - thank you!
  3. If you're at the rail it's pretty tough to see the screen in any meaningful way. But a lot of the imagery is the same from I+E when I could tell from craning my neck - ex: Iris, Cedarwood, UTEOTW, SBS That said, if you are on the rail, you should accept you're there to be as close to the fellas as possible and imagery be damned. Also could not get the AR app to work. The screen blocks about half the stage when it's down completely, so halfway through Larry's drumkit on the main stage. But it's not there for too long. I was pretty far from the B-stage already so was tough to see regardless. As a 5'3"er myself, the rail is usually the best spot. But I also say it's just as important who ends up flanking you as they can obscure your view that you waited for hours to get! If you want to get the visuals and you only have one show - save yourself the time and energy and arrive when/after doors open- you'll still get a good spot and will be able to see the screen a few "rows" back.
  4. considering it..don't want to wait alllll day though...would be awesome to catch them as they head in for soundcheck - i'd take that as a consolation prize lol
  5. is there anyone who didn't win still that's planning on just hanging out there at all in the off chance there's an opening?
  6. Heard Who's Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses during soundcheck...but alas they did not play it for us. Maybe the Apollo folks will be luckier!
  7. very strange - i have yet to get an email from them...but here was my personal exchange yesterday. seems to be a lot of conflicting info... Hi Mariel, Not a problem! People can start lining up at Gate 17 (GA Floor Entrance) whenever they’d like, but our parking lots will not officially open for U2 until 3:30pm (this has been revised since we last spoke). I’m not sure what you mean by fan-run lines, but we do have barricades set up to start the line in the right direction. We will not be giving out numbered wristbands, we will simply start allowing people in from the front of the line when doors open at 6:30pm on Saturday. We do not have any plans to send out any emails to ticket holders.
  8. hmmm - I did the pay-in-advance for parking....so in the past has there been a gate with a scanner and let yourself in? Thanks for the tip, I was hoping to be there around 1ish, but yes if you know what level of success your friends have please pass it along! I would happily pay to park at the Marriott if that meant getting there early but not sure if it's allowed/frowned upon/or if the hotel just DGAF because I'm sure people will try it anyway ?
  9. Hi All, Are you driving to the show tomorrow and have GA tickets? Me too! But here's the situation - as per a response I got from guest services, the parking lot doesn't open until 3:30pm. I was hoping to be on line a little earlier than that, but am unsure of where I can park. The venue is attached to a Marriot but I'm sure the hotel is sold out tomorrow, and I'd imagine they probably don't allow parking for non guests, especially on an event day. There are also some college campuses and parking lots in the vicinity but not sure about access. I know there is great debate about whether being at/near the rail is worth it. I prefer it since I'm on the shorter side, and I have seats to another show so will not be missing out on the screen action. Thoughts? What are you doing? Scout the area early or bite the bullet and show up when the lot opens? Also haven't heard a peep anywhere on the interwebs about anyone starting a GA line...hey I'm not complaining...I'd be happy if it was just a day-of ordeal, as that's all I intend on doing, but curious if you've heard chatter anywhere. Thanks! Hoping for a fun day tomorrow!
  10. Ditto. It doesn't sound like the venue will be at capacity so maybe after they set up everything they may realize a few more can squeeze in??? Or at least in the event of last minute no-shows...? I'm being really optimistic but hey a gal can dream can't she??
  11. my delivery got pushed from dec 5th, then the 8th, and now the 9th. via DHL...and then via USPS for the final leg, which means probably longer because USPS in my area is crap. the album has been most likely waiting in a warehouse ready to go, so why couldn't it ship sooner? my free digital copy via ticketmaster is lacking album artwork so that is also disappointing.
  12. I can't even register....? How is registration closed (yet only available for Montreal?) but also doesn't end until Friday?
  13. I think it's a 4 ticket limit per venue? So regardless of how you got them through any combo of sales. This is what a TM rep told me: "Please note there is a ticket limit of 4 total per event date. If you purchase 4 tickets total for 1 concert date you will not be able to purchase more tickets for the same concert."
  14. I was able to grab 2 GAs for Nassau show pretty easily on the TM app. When I first tried at 9am sharp on my desktop the Citi presale wasn't yet showing up as an option on TM website, so every time I entered my code it was saying it was incorrect. I didn't want to lose time, so quickly decided ditch the desktop and to follow the link from the text. That sent me to the app and I was able to input my Citi code. Done and done. Better time than the experience presale, for me at least. Still peeved the best reserved seats are VIP packages at astronomical prices. Seems greedy.
  15. I was also very shocked and kind of saddened to see these prices for the good sections/rows. I kept refreshing hoping better tickets would show up but I kept only getting corner sections. I didn't see pricing info for the VIP packages listed anywhere before the presale - and I also assumed those packages were just including swag and some pre-show dinner. But now I see they guaranteed the best seats, too. Feel like there was a lot of smoke and mirrors for this presale. For IE I had a seat at MSG in sec 116 row 9, so pretty close, and paid around $300 and some change. This tour that same seat would cost at least 1.5x that much? Can't even tell because all the good sections are completely sold out? Come on. I believe in paying a price for something good but even that has limits. GA still is the best value, but costs you in other ways like your time and comfort.
  16. I kept getting only offered corner sections for MSG, so either a side/rear view of main stage or the far end, but nothing in the prime spots. Kept refreshing for 10+ minutes and wasn't getting anything better, and at work so couldn't keep trying indefinitely. I got sec 119, so not nosebleeds by any account, but a little bummed that's as close first presale group gets you. Fingers crossed for Citi presale...
  17. Another bit of information to consider and/or be confused by. I contacted Ticketmaster and this was their response when I asked about using the same card for multiple presales: "Thanks for reaching out, I'd be more than happy to see what we can do to help. I do apologize for any issues or confusion with the ticket limits for the U2 concerts. If you use the same card to buy 2 tickets with the U2.com presale and 2 with the Citi presale you will not have any issues. Please note there is a ticket limit of 4 total per event date. If you purchase 4 tickets total for 1 concert date you will not be able to purchase more tickets for the same concert. With the U2.com presale you can get up to 2 tickets and for the Citi presale you have the opportunity to get up to 4 tickets."
  18. I pre-ordered the album through the U2.com store and received emails for my downloads. However after downloading the zip files, has anyone had the album info look like this? Seems odd. Are these not the final versions? Thoughts?
  19. yes i also have a citi credit card - looking forward to an answer on that.
  20. Just did RZ for Philly and I have to say I have mixed feelings. It's great to give for a good cause and I'm so glad I didn't have to wait outside all day. Amazing show. That said, I experienced a lot of sightline problems. Better spots looked to be at the top of the tree from GA. I have seats for Croke on opposite side of RZ, so looking forward to take it all in from further back, maybe with a beer in hand!
  21. Check the Croke website - I think you may be limited as to how far in advance you can queue since the stadium is in a residential neighborhood. Enjoy Dublin! Went for the first time last year not knowing the boys would arrange a tour - so I'll be back, but in a seat
  22. Hi All, People who attend Sports Things will already know this, but for those of us who are less frequent patrons... Reminder that since many of the stadiums on the US leg are usually home to NFL games, please be sure to check their bag policies, as there have been some updates since U2's last stadium tour. Clear plastic bags, and clutch bags with size restrictions have been enforced for football games, and when I contacted the venue I'll be attending this summer they told me that policy will be in effect for U2. I don't work for any of these places and cannot speak on their behalf, but just trying to get the word out so nobody is left in a pickle and being forced to abandon their bag. If in doubt, just ask your venue. Plan accordingly!
  23. staying at the spencer - stayed at the gibson last year and had what i will only describe as an underwhelming experience (nothing wrong with the rooms but some serious staff competency issues that kept adding up to make a frustrating stay)
  24. yes it was based on the "local" time zone of the venue you wished to attend. So that would have been 2am MST/9am GMT.
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