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  1. When they were in Mexico, Edge said that they were filming the shows for the DVD. And there were cameras all over the place. But I haven't heard anything eversince.
  2. Any news on the release of the 2017 JT Tour DVD? It was supposedly recorded in Mexico under the direction of Anton Corbijn, but it has been 6 months and there is no info whatsoever. It would be a shame if they shelved this release, since the tour was visually amazing, and the Mexico concerts were extra special with the B-sides "Sweetest Thing" and "Spanish eyes" closing the shows.
  3. What's up with this year's subscription present? It is april 2018 and I just received the 2017 Joshua Tree Vinyl collection. It seems like every year they are falling behind more and more. Not to complain, I appreciate getting the exclusive content, but let's not forget we are paying 40 dollars a year for these benefits, and they haven't even announced what the gift will be, but had no problem forcing us to re-suscribe early if we wanted access to the tour's presales.
  4. I agree that this presale was far from perfect, and it definitely is a scam for them to ask us to re-suscribe early...... however, let's remember that they've always said that being a suscriber is not a guarantee that you will get tickets. So if the expensive tickets were all that was left, that is simply the risk we've always faced. No one forces us to pay the suscription, and many fans get tickets on the general sale without a problem. So let's not get so melodramatic here..... My advice would be that if you want to skip the shows or their albums it is perfectly fine.... you are not obligate
  5. Anyone noticed that in the home page theres a banner linked to verified fan general onsale info... and it says dates to register for suscribers, citi presales and general onsale........ only that these dates are not the original ones... it says general onsale is december 4........ did they publish info about new dates by mistake?.... im confused by this.
  6. I can promise you that is never going to happen. If they did that, then the people who did get tickets would be enraged and if for some reason they didn't get tickets when they "start over" it would be a never ending story, and SO unfair for those that were lucky enough (just as unfair as it is now for the ones who weren't able to buy tickets). Not to mention that ticket vendors are not going to go through the trouble of refunding every ticket sold, and deal with complaints over non-refundable fees. They obviously need to make this right somehow, but what you are expecting to happen, wil
  7. Update: They answered the phone, and they say the ticket hasn't been released to the Flash Seats account yet, but there is nothing wrong with the order. They said they will probably release it on the date of the General On Sale. It's weird because I saw some people in this forums did get their confirmation email, but ok. I'll wait. Hope this information is useful to anyone in the same situation.
  8. I managed to get a ticket for Vegas yesterday with no hassle. The only ticket delivery method available was through Flash Seats. I got my confirmation email from AXS, but no confirmation from Flash Seats. It says on the AXS email that if I didn't get the Flash Seats email, I should call customer service..... but I have been on hold for hours and no one answers the phone! Is anyone else having the same issue?
  9. I am from Mexico and also got tickets. I created my Flash Seats account after purchasing. It does only show USA and Canada, but I just chose USA and it let me create the account without trouble. My problem is now that I haven't received an email from FlashSeats, I know it says within 24 hours, but I got a little anxious because others posted they already received theirs. Did you get your email yet?
  10. How do I get them into my account?... when I purchased I didn't have a flash seats account... I created one after.
  11. @sbbennett did you already get a confirmation email from Flash Seats?
  12. Apparently Flash Seats is a paperless ticket service. They are supposed to send me a confirmation and then I use an app or my credit card to get into the venue. It was the only option it showed, at least for GA
  13. I was able to get my tickets instantly. However, the only delivery method available was Flash Seats... and I'm a bit anxious because I have not yet received my confirmation email from them. The email from AXS says to contact customer support if no email after 24 hours... so I'll remain calm, haha. Anyone already got their confirmation from Flash Seats?
  14. The article on this website about new dates, says they ones already announced are the final ones for europe. So there might not be a second date.
  15. I read an article saying that there will be no second date. It quotes a spokesman saying it would be logistically imposible. Also, de article on this website about he second dates, says they are the final ones for the European leg. Sounds strange, but it seems like there will only be one Croke Park show. maybe someone else had already booked it, and since there can only be 3 shows a year, they weren't able to book a 2nd date. Or maybe there will be one and all this info is incorrect..
  16. I just started reading this thread so you probably already know this, but it won't be live.. the show will be filmed, ad shown on hbo a few hours later.
  17. For a while they said it would be a behind the scenes documentary on nov. 7 and then the concert on the 14th, however, they don't mention the documentary anymore, and the hbo schedule doesn't show it....... is that no longer happening??... was it postponed??... anyone has info on this??
  18. alekdome

    New code?

    Oh ok, thank you.
  19. alekdome

    New code?

    I used my pre-sale code back in december when the first shows went on sale.... and at the beginning of this month I renewed my subscription...... wasn't I supposed to get a new code???
  20. alekdome

    New date

    If the band are planning to do 2 different shows, isn't it contradictory that they've announced a single night for L.A. now?.... I hope they do honor the two shows idea, specially thinking about the fans that like me, went through the trouble of buying tickets to two concerts.
  21. I so hope this isnt accurate.. and its a lucky guess by the venue.... I was so much more excited about the idea of a floor long single piece stage....... although in almost every map the red zones layout is just weird.... looks like a penis
  22. And about the bad acoustics... Estadio Azteca is one of the worst places to play a show, because of sound....... 360 sounded amazing.. but because it had an outstanf¡ding sound system.... vertigo sounded awful in the upper tier of the stadium..... so.... that wouldn't really stop them...... almost everyone comes and plays at Palacio de los Deportes despite the bad acoustics.
  23. Palacio de los Deportes yes, it has terrible acoustics......... Arena Ciudad de México.... I don't know if you've been there, but it does not have bad accoustics at all..... yes, it is in a weird location, but it is state of the art......... newsflash, both Palacio de los Deportes and Arena Ciudad de México with their 20,000 capacity, sit more people than most arenas in the USA...... even madison Square Garden only sits 15,000. Arena VFG in Guadalajara and Arena Monterrey ...... even if some of them are old... they can all accommodate any arena show.
  24. Also remember this is only the first badge of shows announced..... no group ever announces their entire tour at first................ even in USA and Europe there are tons of cities missing still that are regulars on any tour......... there will most likely be another us leg, another european leg, and god knows about the rest of the world. 30 started out with 44 shows, and ended up being a 110 show tour.
  25. there's 4 major arenas in Mexico where any international show could be played including a huge brand new one in Mexico City.... but I don't know about the rest of the countries in Latin America. They have said that they will start small, and then see where it takes them... my guess is it will turn into a stadium tour in 2016 for dates in Latin America and maybe some other european cities. I don't think they will skip it, they know just how great their audiences are here, and they have publicly apologized for skipping Elevation. But indeed it would be nice to have them in arenas here..
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