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  1. interested in your ticket if still available...will PM you...
  2. I'll take those, if still available. Will be in Chicago Saturday morning. Please let me know what works best. Thank you!
  3. I know this is a long shot, but thought I'd still ask. Been a U2 member since the Propaganda years. I'm not a reseller. The 5 of us are flying in from all over the country, including one of which is arriving from overseas. We have secured Sunday tickets finally, but would like Sat GA Tickets since we're there all weekend. Worst case scenario, we will try to purchase the day before or the day of the concert near the stadium. If you have any to sell please send me a message. [MOD EDIT: NOT THIS PART, PLEASE. Thanks] Thanks!
  4. Im in the Redhill group, but when i tried to purchase Dublin RZ tickets at 9 AM MST USA, no luck. Are they not available yet, or did they sell out? Or did I miss the sale time since Dublin is 7 hours ahead? Please help...has never happened to me in the past...always managed to secure RZ in the first few minutes, esp when loggin in at 9 am. Thoughts?
  5. Interested in the ticket...check your messages
  6. Single paperless/cc entry GA Ticket available for tomorrow night. $80.00. If interested, please reply with contact info, so we can discuss where to meet at the venue.
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