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  1. It happens so often, doesn't it with the first round?!! Hopefully the kinks are worked out now for everyone still trying for tickets today and tomorrow!
  2. Yes! I don't know how, but they have done it! Fingers crossed for everyone that your issues are resolved and that it goes smoothly from here!!
  3. I HAVE TICKETS!!!! And for the show we wanted . . . Nashville . . . music city use here we come And we have RED ZONE!!! Adam's side!!! 45 mins. after our show was on sale, this is what we got!! happy, happy, happy, happy, happy Wishing great luck to all others who are trying today and tomorrow!!! Hoping you have success and we can put this stress behind us all!!! I am truly keeping you all in my thoughts with this fiasco and that it all turns out well for each and every true fan!!! A special THANK YOU for MAX!!!! I have no idea how you managed it, but thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart!!!
  4. Yes!!!! We now have a code!!!! I've got my husband trying to secure our tickets as I am much too emotional about it. He was trying on his phone, but it wasn't working so he is now on the laptop. Fingers crossed that decent seats are left for Nashville . . . tickets have been on sale there for 40 mins. I am glad we are able to try and maybe we will just try for LA and stay close to home
  5. It looks to me like TM is forcing me to use scalpers
  6. and my show has now gone on sale . . . . . . without me
  7. well my show is just about to go on sale without me So, what are my options at this point? Try and do the Citibank thing . . . . Try and do the general sale . . . . . We have to register and get verified for all that AGAIN??? Is there a point to that or are we really barred from TM as some have suggested? Do I have to buy from a scalper???? I would like to hear something from someone here at u2.com about what we are supposed to do now
  8. Exactly . . . . why are we barred but others aren't
  9. Really??? I guess I shouldn't be surprised . . . this was a GREAT system for eliminating scalpers pffft
  10. I wonder what if anything can be done . . . if TM has barred us???
  11. I'm sure they are, but it appears that nothing can or will be done???
  12. Of all the people I chat with and know on Facebook, I seem to be the ONLY one left out of the sales!! They all went to JT too, so it isn't that.
  13. No, nothing has changed and my guess is that it isn't going to . . . . it's 20 mins. until the show I wanted goes on sale
  14. LOL I'm still waiting for my records . . . they ran out as luck would have it and have no idea if/when any more will be printed
  15. The same thing happened to me. My subscription did not run out until February 2018 and I was not sure if I had to re-sub or not. Everything went well and I was verified and got the green go ahead, but when I kept reading the instructions, it was not clear to me as to whether I needed to resolve or not. I called and was told I was fine and did not need to resubscribe. I kept pressing and was put on hold while they spoke with the supervisor and I was still reassured that I did not need to re-sub. I re-subbed at the last minute because it was still nagging at me. A lot of good that did. Sigh
  16. Max, I sent the PM (hopefully received and gave the info you need). If there's anything else you need, let me know. I agree with the previous poster . . . thank you for the effort this is taking and for getting on this quickly and persistently!!
  17. I am completely gutted! Why would this happen to long time fans?
  18. Bigwave, I need help . . . . I thought I did everything right. My account page listed me as verified and complete. I even called U2.Com to make sure everything was good to go and they said it was. I received an email stating that all was good for the experience group tomorrow. Then I received another email stating that I was to be excluded! I have been trying to call. Been on hold almost an hour. Can you help? Thanks!!!

  19. Yesterday I was verified and good to go. Tonight I received the email confirming that all was good. Then, I received a second email saying that it was all a mistake and that I will not be allowed to participate in the presale tomorrow!!! What??!! Help!!
  20. thank you so much for posting this mich40, I've never seen this before. the words from Bono's mouth are those of someone who believes in Jesus Christ as the Son of God and the only way to the Father. therefore he is my Brother In Christ God Bless You Bono and everyone in this thread Couldn't say it any better, Big Bunny!!! God bless
  21. Bono is very much a born again Christian . . . . all one has to do is listen to his lyrics from Boy through SOI to understand that. He has spoken repeatedly over the years of his love and understanding of Jesus. Numerous books, articles, interviews quote Bono's love of Jesus as God's son. I have no doubt of his devotion to Christ and so, no I don't believe he is illuminati nor trying to subvert God with images. Would love to see links to the images in question, however, just to know what you are speaking of, Theresamarie1.
  22. One resolution . . . . . stay positive!!! Even the bad in life is for the ultimate good. It makes you grow. It makes you appreciate all the blessings you have and don't notice. It makes you change for the better. It makes you reach out to friends and to lean on them. Bad wakes you up. Everything is a blessing. Stay positive. Stay in the light. God bless.
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