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  1. I'm with ya gman. Am hoping for more than U2-by-the-numbers formula yet again. Then again, who am I kidding?...I will still love it! LOL
  2. From Wikipedia: Larry Mullen Jr. – drums (tracks 1–8, and 10)
  3. Anyone know if Larry plays drums on all the songs or just a few? I've been listening to the album on Amazon Prime Music....pretty damn good!
  4. Anyone staying close to the LAX airport Wednesday night? My wife and I booked a room at The Concourse Hotel and are curious if we can carpool or share a cab since the hotel doesn't offer a shuttle to the Forum.
  5. P.s. How did we live before Google streetview??!!
  6. Made in to LA!! We're gonna cruise around downtown and swing thru Main Street between 5th & 7th to see the million dollar hotel and WTSHNN video rooftop. Then make our way to Malibu. Can't wait for the concert on Wednesday night!!
  7. whitehead


    Duh...they stay at The Million Dollar Hotel! (Honestly, I don't know.)
  8. Hi! My wife and I are also flying in from the East Coast (Raleigh, NC) on Saturday 5/23 for the concert on Wednesday 5/27. We also want to do a few other things while there. So far we are planning on Disneyland on Tuesday and currently trying to find a "nice" hotel closer to Venice Beach. Any advice is appreciated!
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