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  1. I have a spare GA for 21 May ( face value).
  2. Hi E I have 2 spare seats ( face value - $315 each) for 21 May show. Kind regards Andrew
  3. I have two GA tickets to sell at face value.
  4. My friend can't attend the May 21 show. I have a spare GA ticket to sell at face value. Andrew
  5. Hi I'm flying in from Melbourne, Australia. I have 2 spare reserve seats together in Section 19 - L Row 36. I paid $318.50 facce value for each ticket ( total price - $637). I'm happy to sell them to you for $600 for both ( below face value). Given that they were bought on my credit card , you will have to walk in with me, if you want them. Kind regards Andrew
  6. Hi Jay I have a spare ticket for the 27th. It is section 105, row 12 seat 7. The face value of the ticket is $280. I'm happy to give it to you for $200 as I bought a GA today for tomorrows show. Kind regards Andrew
  7. I have one seat in section 119 ( face value $280) for July 26 for sale for $200.
  8. I have just bought myself a GA ticket for Sunday's show ( 26 July) from a very descent U2.com member at face value. I am very greatful. Accordingly, I am happy to sell my seat in section 119 ( face value $280) for July 26 for $200 to a fellow U2.com member. If you are interested please let me know. Kind regards Andrew
  9. I have a VIP Party Fan Club seat next to me tonight for sale. The seat is section 2, row 4 - right next to the E stage. The face value of the ticket is $240. I am happy to sell it to a U2 fan for $150. If you are keen , let me know. Kind regards Andrew
  10. Hi I can help you. SEction 119 - row 22. I have a spare ticket next to me. Face value $280 - happy to sell to a U2 fan for $125. Kind regards Andrew
  11. Hi I have a spare seat for tonight (22nd) and the 23rd. Face value. Happy to meet outside MSG before the show. Kind regards Andrew
  12. I have a ticket for 23rd. Happy to sell it to you for Face Value less $20. Let me know.
  13. Hi Pluck For the 22nd, the seats are Section 2, row 4, seat 1 and 2 - VIP Fan club - $240 ( the seats directly face the E stage. For the 23rd, the seats are section 119, row 22, seats23 and 24 - face value - $280 Kind regards Andrew
  14. Hi Both are still available. The 23rd is VIP Fan club - $240(face value). Section 2 - Row 4 - seats 1 and 2, directly facing the E stage. The 22nd is section 119, row 22 seats 23 - 24 and is $280 ( face value). Kind regards Andrew
  15. I am a massive U2 fan travelling from Melbourne, Australia to see the best band in the world in New York. I have a spare ticket next to me for both the 22nd and 23rd shows at MSG. The ticket on the 22nd is in Section 119 and the ticket for the 23rd is a VIP Fan Club Package. I am not scalping the tickets as why would I want to rip off a fellow U2 fan - I will sell both tickets at face value. I would love a mad U2 fan to attend the shows with me rather than give the ticket to a patron who knows 3 - 4 U2 songs if they are lucky. I attended 20 shows on the 360 tour and am a lifelong fan having seen U2 on every tour they have played Australia as well as having seen them all over Europe on numerous tours. Kind regards Andrew
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