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  1. I have a spare GA for 21 May ( face value).
  2. Hi E I have 2 spare seats ( face value - $315 each) for 21 May show. Kind regards Andrew
  3. I have two GA tickets to sell at face value.
  4. My friend can't attend the May 21 show. I have a spare GA ticket to sell at face value. Andrew
  5. Hi I'm flying in from Melbourne, Australia. I have 2 spare reserve seats together in Section 19 - L Row 36. I paid $318.50 facce value for each ticket ( total price - $637). I'm happy to sell them to you for $600 for both ( below face value). Given that they were bought on my credit card , you will have to walk in with me, if you want them. Kind regards Andrew
  6. Hi Jay I have a spare ticket for the 27th. It is section 105, row 12 seat 7. The face value of the ticket is $280. I'm happy to give it to you for $200 as I bought a GA today for tomorrows show. Kind regards Andrew
  7. I have one seat in section 119 ( face value $280) for July 26 for sale for $200.
  8. I have just bought myself a GA ticket for Sunday's show ( 26 July) from a very descent U2.com member at face value. I am very greatful. Accordingly, I am happy to sell my seat in section 119 ( face value $280) for July 26 for $200 to a fellow U2.com member. If you are interested please let me know. Kind regards Andrew
  9. I have a VIP Party Fan Club seat next to me tonight for sale. The seat is section 2, row 4 - right next to the E stage. The face value of the ticket is $240. I am happy to sell it to a U2 fan for $150. If you are keen , let me know. Kind regards Andrew
  10. Hi I can help you. SEction 119 - row 22. I have a spare ticket next to me. Face value $280 - happy to sell to a U2 fan for $125. Kind regards Andrew
  11. Hi I have a spare seat for tonight (22nd) and the 23rd. Face value. Happy to meet outside MSG before the show. Kind regards Andrew
  12. I have a ticket for 23rd. Happy to sell it to you for Face Value less $20. Let me know.
  13. Hi Pluck For the 22nd, the seats are Section 2, row 4, seat 1 and 2 - VIP Fan club - $240 ( the seats directly face the E stage. For the 23rd, the seats are section 119, row 22, seats23 and 24 - face value - $280 Kind regards Andrew
  14. Hi Both are still available. The 23rd is VIP Fan club - $240(face value). Section 2 - Row 4 - seats 1 and 2, directly facing the E stage. The 22nd is section 119, row 22 seats 23 - 24 and is $280 ( face value). Kind regards Andrew
  15. I'm one of the lucky ones travelling from Melbourne, Australia to see 6 shows in New York in July. They are extremely likely to be coming to Australia in 2016. It will be likely between November - December, however I have heard that Feb - March 2016 may be a possibility as well. The tour is planned to platy outdoors next year as the stage can be taken outdoors very easily.
  16. I am a massive U2 fan travelling from Melbourne, Australia to see the best band in the world in New York. I have a spare ticket next to me for both the 22nd and 23rd shows at MSG. The ticket on the 22nd is in Section 119 and the ticket for the 23rd is a VIP Fan Club Package. I am not scalping the tickets as why would I want to rip off a fellow U2 fan - I will sell both tickets at face value. I would love a mad U2 fan to attend the shows with me rather than give the ticket to a patron who knows 3 - 4 U2 songs if they are lucky. I attended 20 shows on the 360 tour and am a lifelong fan having seen U2 on every tour they have played Australia as well as having seen them all over Europe on numerous tours. Kind regards Andrew
  17. Superb album. I love Volcano and Every Breaking Wave - in fact all the songs are great!!! I have followed U2 since Boy was released. I have every official U2 CD/album that has ever been released, including truck loads of bootlegs. SOI is a cracker - I was hooked after the first listen. Can't wait to see the band overseas and in my country, Australia, in 2015.
  18. U2 are the best band in the world. Not negotiable. I am bitterly disappointed that the album and tour is SUPPOSEDLY delayed. All the hacks winging now will be the first to buy/download the new album when it comes out and will also be the first to buy tickets to the 2015 tour. I will give you a similar comparison - every fan of Metallica has Sh*t canned every album the band has bought out since the "Black" album. However, their tours sell out in minutes and their hard core fans which their are tens of millions ( like U2) support the band heavily. I am a heavy fan of Metallica, but I a 10 times greater fan of U2. I have every album that the band has ever produced, every DVD, every book etc. I have followed the band since Boy, and have seen every tour that has come to Australia, plus I have seen 30 U2 shows outside of Australia. The new album will be amazing when it is released and the indoor tour will be back to the simple indoor stadium set up., where the boys are a lot more comfortable, with a cracking set list of plenty of songs from the new album and one's that they have nor played ever or for a log time eg Red Hill Mining Town, Heartland ( never played live), Indian Summer Sky, Gloria, Two Hearts Beat as One, Lady with the Spinning Head, Surrender, I threw a Brick, New York, If God Will SEnd His Angels, God Part 2, Trampoline etc
  19. I agree with all the comments. I have followed the band for 34 years ( that is correct!!!). I have every album/CD, I have seen the band live 50 times. I f the album/tour is delayed leyt us know the real reasons why. Finding out via 3rd party sources with no confirmation from the band itself, shows no respect to the legion of fans that have supported the band for decades.
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