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  1. so....a week after being told that my order was in limbo since the item is "on back order" it just showed up. in Dallas, Texas. pretty shocked...especially because it was packaged very well and in perfect condition. honestly I can't believe it. i guess it wasn't on back order? who the hell knows. freakin idiots. good luck to all of you still waiting on yours. the vinyl is very nice. worth the wait...it's too bad all this crap had to take place to spoil the experience of such a great item.
  2. geeez. that is exactly how i have envisioned mine looking IF it ever does show up, which i am doubtful of.
  3. when i placed this order over the phone with Stephanie on the 15th of july (to replace the one that had been canceled for unknown reasons) i was assured that mine was at the top of the list and would ship quickly.... no shipping notification as of yet. unbelievable. mine is on back order because it didnt get canceled and i didnt have to replace the order...so now i'm screwed and still waiting. just lovely. thanks Live Nation/FanFire...go to hell
  4. FREAKING HILARIOUS!!! i replied immediately to the email posted above and told them to ship me another and now i just got this response (below)..... I pre-ordered this fucking thing over 4 MONTHS AGO!!!! what a crock. Hello Ryan, Thank you for your patience and understanding. We have placed a new order, #36043, however we regret that the item you requested, U2 'ARTIFICIAL HORIZON' Triple Vinyl Set, is currently on backorder at this time. The demand for this item has been greater than anticipated and we will ship your merchandise out as soon as we receive more in stock. We
  5. update...I emailed thru the CONTACT FORM on U2.com as the mods said we should about 20 minutes ago. I just got a reply via email.... Hello Ryan, I apologize that your order was not received. Our records indicate that your order should have arrived by now. Since you still have not received your order, I fear that your order may have been lost in transit. At this point, we can resend or refund your order. If you chose to have your order resent, please confirm your shipping address with us by filling out the following form: Recipient Name: Business Name: Street Address Line 1: S
  6. I can assure you if I do ever actually receive this album and it is not in 100% MINT condition I am raising hell and demanding they send me another. It better be packaged well and not bent or I'll be pissed after waiting this many months for it.
  7. HOW DO WE REPORT ALL THIS TO THE MOD OF THIS BOARD??????? Surely U2 employs someone within their mgmt company that handles merchandising to deal with Fanfire/Live Nation...that person(s) need to read all this!
  8. they better the hell "make more" if that's what needs to happen...this whole thing is complete BS. I just emailed them again...i will let ya know if i get any different response
  9. i have emailed several times as well asking where it is. last response was... "We'd like to apologize for any inconvenience caused by unexpected delays in delivering your triple vinyl set of Artificial Horizon. We're assured that outstanding orders can be delivered by July 12th. Thanks for your patience." it's now the 15th and I've got nothing.
  10. so much for it not being sold after their cut off date... http://www.store.livenati...71_35727&pc=FXLPU2T48947 total BS
  11. I now have 4 GA's for wednesday nightwould like to trade them for 4 GA's for thursdayPM me asap. thx
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