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  1. Who is the troubles about? Does anyone else know why this song was written? Is it about a break up? "I have a will for survival ...I can live with denial "... what is that all about....... live with denial ?? What is this denial lyric referring to ?? Or is it incorrectly written as "can" but it is "CAN't" .... As I can't live with denial ... I was in denial over my husbands gambling problem for too long ... I cannot live with denial anymore ....I have a will for survival ... I just walked away from a very troublesome relationship ... (gambling ruined everything) I
  2. It is so interesting to see how diverse the comparison between every bodies top 5 is.
  3. 1. Iris 2. Every breaking wave 3. This is where you can reach me now 4. Cedarwood Road 5. The Miracle
  4. Ok well you guys can joke about it... but it was an honest question. Sorry if I offended. you can still love Jesus Christ and be a free mason you know. Who wants to open that last statement up for debate ? Any takers?
  5. how are you doing by the way. Nice to see some of the old peeps here ... you're in Perth right?
  6. Hi ... Apologies if this is too intrusive a question, I mean no harm ... But ... as I watched the Graham Norton show with my husband after they performed Mircale ...Bono put his hand on his heart - thanking the audience ... Anyway ... my husband was like "Bono is a free mason " ...and I told him he was simply thanking the audience thats all ... but he insisted he might be a free mason ... So .... does anybody know .... I know it is like a secret society right ...so even if he was maybe it is classified information you know Again, sorry if this topic is too intrusiv
  7. Iris standing in the hall She tells me I can do it all Iris wakes to my nightmare Don’t fear the world It isn’t there Iris playing on the strand She buries the boy beneath the sand Iris says that I will be the death of her It was not me Iris, Iris She said free yourself to be yourself If only you could see yourself Free yourself to be yourself If only you could see This song makes me cry!!! Such beautiful lyrics ....
  8. Does anyone know when U2 will be heading down under ? There is something about Bono's voice that just melts me ... I need to see them live ... NOW !!!! How much longer do I have to wait ?
  9. I do not know if this is the right place to post this, I haven't been here in what feels like years, I don't even know how long. So I am slowly listening to the new album and I really like it. Iris really grabbed me and still does. Now I am also really liking Cedarwood. I think Bono's voice is amazing on this album... do you guys agree, or do you think it is not as good as in the past?
  10. Does it freak anyone else out - the concept of infinite? It is scary for me, I don't know why …I cannot pin point why … but there is something about it that freaks me out. I'm just a nutter.
  11. Someone has a picture of the sky with the sun coming in through some clouds and it made me think it is because the sunlight ... It is the sun…. it is life's driving force, light ... If it was not for light, we would not exist … plants need light for photosynthesis….we need plants for oxygen ... You know …. light is such a life force … and the sun provides warmth ... The sun provides so much beauty in the world too …. sunrises, sunsets, eclipses … aurora's (aren't these sun spots or magnetism..whatever the theory is behind them they are because of the sun right) ... An
  12. Well I don't know if it is classical, but I wanted a big HORN section for their 360 tour…….. they could have a full orchestra really… you know that horn section in Unknown Caller ….. WOWEE .. that would be amazing to have like 5 or 6 of them going off into Edges guitar solo ... Anyway, I dream of this every time I listen to to song . Is it weird to have these sort of fantasies ?
  13. His character. Going through the grieving process. Then juggling that with betrayal. WOWEEEE.. I think Clooney should have won the oscar.
  14. has anyone seen it. it was so sad. feel so sorry for george clooney. now... my question is ... what was the moral of the story ????
  15. message boards used to be so popular. Now nobody has the time I guess.
  16. It's been so long 123 that when I try to send my reply I hit the wrong button. I hit Cancel the first time, time previous to this I hit Add Reply again, so it refreshed the entire thing. It has been a long time. How are you? You're in Perth right? I love that place!
  17. Can someone please explain this lyric to me? What is the significance of 3:33 ? Much appreciated :-)))
  18. Hmmmmmmm the first time I ..... watched the second series on x-factor. It isn't bad actually.
  19. oh oops, no not God ... Man and A Gun. I had God in my head. Anyway Man and A Gun will give you the chills. Hope that motherfucker has been castrated.
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