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  1. This is Bono at his prime,U2 at the top of it's game.Most desireable moment
  2. Another velvet dress for Bono here. but i would want to ask him about his song writing, his view on an Obama run America and what believes will happen whenthee Lord comes to gather his people. That is; if i don't dissolve in his embrace first. He is the most passionate man on the planet at the moment,y'know ??!!
  3. First, i would go weak in the knees as he locked eyes. After gaining composure, i would earnestly ask how to balance the contradictions he says there'sspace to reside in. the biggies: Spirit and flesh @ war, socialital pressures on "Believers" versus being transparent and available to others downThe Path. Y;now the big stuff in life...
  4. Old guitar used in Vegas 1987
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