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  1. 1 Extra GA Tonight St. Louis I have one extra GA for tonight's show in St. Louis. The cost of the ticket is $93, which is face value for ticket/fees. I only have a hard copy of the ticket so I would have to give it to you tonight before the show. I plan on getting to Scottrade about 7 or 7:15. I know these aren't ideal conditions, but please let me know if you are interested.
  2. 2 GA's for St. Louis within two minutes. I'm sorry for all of the resubscribed members who had issues and got a raw deal
  3. I'm assuming I used mine after, although I bought my membership at the time I bought my JT tickets. On the JT tour you could buy tickets and join the fanclub at the same time. So I bought 2 tix to Chicago and joined the fanclub at the same time. I still had a code good for 2 more tickets and that is what I'm curious about. I'm thinking that that code and 2 tix availability will be wiped out with the new tour and I will have to resubscribe to get a code for IE? Sorry to ask this again, I know it's being asked a lot.
  4. This may have already been discussed but thought I would ask anyway. I see on my account page that I am in the innocence group, but don't see a code. Will there be codes this time around or is the fact that I see I am part of the innocence group mean I can try for tickets. When I bought 2 tix for JT tour in Chicago I joined the fanclub again (that I had let lapse), and I only used 2 tickets. I thought the membership was good for 4. I had a code this last Fall and got into all other JT presales for the last leg, but did not purchase any tickets. I think I still have 2 tix remaining unless they are wiping the slate clean for the new tour? Anybody have any insight? Thanks.
  5. I purchased a membership subscription and bought 2 tickets to Chicago 2 at the same time this past January. Will I still be able to buy 2 more tickets in presale this time, or was that a special purchase I made that allowed me to buy presale in January only?
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