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  1. They were awfully generous with the Red Zone areas. I'm glad you guys will have a good time, taken that not whole of people will be inside this Zone. i got General A floor at Great Western Forum and I can't place myself either by the main stage? or by the "e" stage. I'll probably gather around the "e" as close as i can for a more intimate U2 Set there

    (Angel of Harlem, Running to Stand Still  and so on.)

  2. Hey Bono, relax and watch the World Cup from home; we'll understand the recovery process man.


    Crap ! I forgot Ireland is not IN the World Cup !!!


    Oh well, cheer for Mexico, Argentina, US or any other country your heart wishes for. DAng Bono! crap happens....


    Cheers buddy,


    From a fan in Palm Springs, Ca. home to Frank Sinatra Estate.

    and not too far from Joshua Tree,

    and not too far from Edge's home in L.A.


    my family misses you guy. - GET WELL !!!!!!



  3. Dear Bono and U2 fans,


    It was gonna happen sooner or later: Our beloved Bono is not 21 anymore. that's a fact. I will really miss his concert on june 6th (Anaheim) but his health is the concern. Let's pray he gets well and be back like he once was, 21.



  4. [quote name='mikespall wrote:

    blueyedboy'] It's one of my favourite albums and one that rewards you the more you listen to it. It was the last time that U2 went forward as musicians and showed balls until NLOTH.

    A few things went against the band and the album, most notably running out of studio time due to booking the tour too soon. But you know what, I think the record has a rougher edge because of it and this is not a bad thing.

    Another thing that went against U2 was the fact that bands that had been fusing rock and dance for some time had monster records out in 1997 (Prodigy's fat of the Land is one example). U2 were beaten to the trick.

    Finally the backlash from the insanely successful and brilliant Achtung BAby/Zooropa was bound to happen, just as Rattle & Hum was slated after Joshua Tree. If you revisit R&H now you will hear some very good songs in there.

    Unfortunatley U2 didn't follow POP with another groundbreaking album but instead went safe with ATYCLB, allowing the U2 fans who longed for the eighties sound to return to let of a sigh of relief whilstthe rest of us were left stranded on the experimental road that U2 took us on.

    Some very valid points.


    I started getting really interested in the band when Achtung Baby came out. The Fly was a great single and it really grabbed my attention. Ironically though,it wasThe Joshua Tree that I went out and bought first. On my initial listens it went over my head and then one day, it clicked. It was the track Exit!


    Anyway, from that I went a bit U2 mad and after Achtung Baby, came the incredible Zooropa and then of course Pop. To me, this is still the greatest era of theband. I don't hate ATYCLB and HTDAAB, but they sound a little bit like U2 doing U2 covers!

    Pop was experimental and brilliant. Yes, flawed, but all the better for it.

    The biggest problem with Pop was the lack of Sales in the USA. If the US had 'got it', the band wouldn't have started to re-evaluate it too muchand would probably love it and still be playing the material.

    U2's biggest strength can sometimes be their biggest weakness. The Irish in them drives them to America, but they are also so in touch with their Europeanroots as well. To me, when they follow that Euro route, they are unstoppable, but when they pander to the more conservative, American audience, they sometimeslose their edge (no pun intended).


    I say none of this to offend the Americans and I am sure there are many US fans that would agree with this to some extent. Of course, I throw a spanner intothe working parts of this thought process because I LOVE The Joshua Tree which has America written all over it!!


    Anyway, hopefully the new album is a sign of things to come. The new renaissance of the band may be about to begin.

    Hopefully one day soon, they'll be less interested in being 'the biggest band in the world' and can then start to just concentrate on being thebest. :-)Hen POP came out, I had to convince people of what U2 was thinking here in America. Not no more. I made up my mind about the European influence with POP and I agree with both of you. U2 did played it safe with BOMB and ATYCLB but not to satisfy American audiences soo much, but to satisfy the American music investors and record companies? That's my assessment.

    I go back to POP every now and then and the only flaw I see is the stadium tours of those years. Stage production was good but the "Club music" feel got lost in the open space of stadiums here in the States. I think an Arena tour woulda been alot better those years.


  5. My New RollingStone mag story reads:

    "2009 Rock n' Roll Hall oF Fame 25th Anniversary concerts -4hrs. long- featuring U2, Bruce S. , Stevie Wonder, Metallica, Paul Simon and others.."

    Sunday, November 29th only on HBO.

    Heard about this? Cool story on that 'Stone' Magazine !happy.gif
  6. Give it up! Bono was singing and the flag was thrown. Oh well, he tried to go with the flow, whatever.

    listen, some other bands when a fan gives them something or throw something at them they reply back: "Fuck you"

    this guy doesnt. Our Bono is civil and peaceful. He can do no wrong even at times of surprise like a live concert.


    Yes, I arge people shouldn't throw things (He may slip and trip and kill himself) but also sharing your national flag with them is a sign of welcoming or a 'sort of homecoming!' ha !

  7. what's the point of having a career? Making money of course. These guys did it, so let them place it wherever they want. Going to church with politiciansis nothing new. You go to worship God not the press or your friends. As far as the new single not selling? well, goes to tell you there are still people in theworld who DO NOT appreciate great songwriting, excellent musical notes or perhaps, theyre happy and content to just "Download" the music instead ofpaying for it. It's a brave new world and U2 is still in the forefront, unlike this journalistic piece of crap I just read from this post. Peace!

  8. So, bear with me. I went to the APPLE trailers site, and saw the trailer for the upcoming movie "9" featuring Elijah Wood. Anyway, play the trailerand then, look for the 360 Tour Claw at around 23 or 24 seconds into the trailer and there it is ! The CLAW OF SOUND !!!!!! yeah !!!!


    thanks ! laugh.gif

  9. Magnificent' is the best song in the album (To Dance - Move to)

    Unknown caller' is the best song in the album (To listen - reflect in your life)

    Caller' is not a good single to say "Here kids, Buy this CD now !" It's too mature for the new audience


    Boots' mighta but I really dislike Boots. I just like the bridge on it "You dont know, you dont care do you?"



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