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  1. KeVvvvvvvvvv Wow, thats old school dose...My sis saw U2 at Woolsey hall in New Haven, right down the street from Toads..must of been for October, perhaps Boy...they weralready playing the colissum by War so.......Yeah..we grabbed a bite across the street at Not your av Joes..saallright but man its a changing upthere..she's been up there for bout 7 yrs...I live in west Hartford, Ct..Home of the Whale....what a joke, but those were goood times..anyways....heads uparound that Wellington circ..be safe......Go Yanks!!! got the first W tonight)..lol
  2. Good ol Summerville..what up Kev?..hit Kappy's for a rack last week, got a friend that lives across from station landing..got on her case about missing thshow as well..
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