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  1. Thanks. Would like to see screen but there for the music. So appreciate the insight on view. Enjoy the show everyone!
  2. Anyone have comments on view from Sec 112 seats? It looks to be dead on behind stage. I don't think there is much blocking the view?
  3. I have an extra 112 row 22 that I would trade. If you wanted.
  4. Pm me if you want to sell.
  5. Sorry about your misfortune but I will buy your GA's for gave and fees c
  6. kels

    2 for 7-18

    Hi Anyone looking to sell 2 to the 7-18 show please contact me via PM Thanks and enjoy the shows. Kels
  7. I will buy them if still available.
  8. Trade Section my 112 on 7-22 for GA on 7-19. Anyone interested or have GA on 7-19 for sale? Thanks
  9. I have 1 ticket in Sec 112 on 7-22 that I would trade for a GA on 7-19. Sec 112 is behind stage. Just trying to get a GA for my daughter's first show. Any trades or leads to a GA are appreciated. Kels
  10. Had same problem for 1:50 minutes and finally got 2 GA's to July 19 show. Brutal

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