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  1. Do both people need to get wrist bands at 8am or just the credit card holder?
  2. Good question. Boston offered GA1 and GA2. From what I can tell from the stage layout, GA1 must be for the section on one side of the stage and GA2 for the other section on the other side of the stage. I wonder if there will be two line to get in or will we all wait in the same line?
  3. Just got 2 GA tickets second show Boston at 12:00AM through Ticketmaster web page! Only took 33 times!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! "I have a will for survival!"
  4. I have been a dedicated die-hard U2 fan since 1983... a loyal Propaganda / u2.com subscriber since the mid 80's. This is a huge flaw if loyal fans like me are restricted by software.
  5. How long do I watch the spinning wheel before i go back to work?
  6. Exactly wht happened to me. Don't know what to do?
  7. That is cool that Bono was there for Liam Neeson after his wife died. Life is about relationships. That is what is most important. Thanks for sharing this article.
  8. 1love


    This song is central to this record and may be why U2 chose to place it in the middle. For me, one of the main themes on this record is how and where Bono found his identity. And he reveals it at heart of the LP.... "You were alone. Now you're not alone. You were alone. But now YOU ARE ROCK 'N' ROLL." I love the little lead into "YOU ARE ROCK 'N' ROLL" there. I often feel like a volcano. Ready to erupt. My anger will build just beneath the surface and then let loose in a sudden release of energy... usually in a shout. For Bono it may have been released by throwing a brick through a window. Bono is a master at asking good questions. The question here is how do we deal with pain, anger hurt and rage. Bono found the answer in Rock 'n' Roll. That is how he learned to cope, to vent, to let off steam. "We got... ..music so I can exaggerate my pain, and give it a name." I love this song and think it will be one of the highlights to the live tour. I think they should start the show with "The Miracle / Volcano / I threw a brick... / A day without me / This is where you can reach me." But that's my fantasy world.
  9. Bono has said that all of his memories about his mother are in this song. Now that is a brutally painful admission right there. I can only see a handful of memories in “Iris (Hold Me Close)”. I say it’s painful because I can relate to that. I can’t remember very many memories of my mother when I was a child. In fact, I have a hard time picturing her smiling over me. So, to have a memory of your mom playing and most likely smiling; at least that's something to hold onto. Bono took 5-years to choose the words for “Songs of Innocence.” And he had a long time to think about how to word these few memories of his mother and I’m sure he did it very, very carefully and purposefully. I’m probably going to be chewing on them for a long time too. The word “strand” for instance. It's a brilliant choice. I can’t recall Bono ever using it in a song before. At first listen, I thought he was referring to playing guitar. Bono said his mother only watched him perform once in a band and it was in the Chrystal Ballroom. Bono said that if he could go back and do one thing in life again it would be playing in a band for his mother. After discussing with a friend, it became apparent to me that Bono was describing a memory of his mother playing on a beach by the ocean. The irony of this phrase is that Bono, in a sense, buried his mother beneath the sand. She died, not Bono. Bono is left with hurt, pain and a big black, god shaped hole in his soul. Bono, like a ship, was left stranded, abandoned on the shore. Shipwrecked. He’s left feeling trapped with the weight of the earth on him. Also, a strand is a number of threads that are turned together to form a rope. In a sense, Bono has woven his memories of his mother, like threads into a rope to hold on to. Bono’s final words in the song are “free yourself to be yourself if only you could see.” Bono felt buried beneath the sand. Trapped. But, he weaved a rope out of strands of memories of his mother and he eventually freed himself and emerged a man. In a sense, his mother killed the boy and made him into a man. But, Bono still longs to play his guitar and sing in front of her. He desperately wants her to see him now, because he never received her acceptance. “Hold me close, like I’m someone you might know.” That’s painful. A hurt that will really never go away. Would Iris recognize her son if she saw him now. Bono sings in "Californina (Ther is no end to love)," "Ther's no end to grief. That's how I know And why I need to know that there is no end to love." “Her man. Machine.” Now “machine.” That is a word that has me wondering. Is this a personal memory? An inside joke? Is Bono drawing an image from a book, a movie, or poet? "Iris (Hold me Close)" is a poetic gem and a musical masterpiece. My early favorite.
  10. ‘Iris’ it’s a name for a girl it’s also a curtain over the eye that lets in the light of the world.
  11. Koke-dera, I have been listening to the album a few days now. Just begining to formulate my thoughts. As I listen to the album many songs come to my mind like, "I will follow" "Twilght" "Out of Control" "Stranger in a strange land" "Tomorrow" "With a shout" etc... First of all, this album is Bono's best work... a lyrical masterpiece. This album has many themes or revelations. One of which is finding an identity. Much of the album is emersed in the hurt, the pain, the chaos, the rage... all the nightmares of growing up on Cedarwood Road. This is my first day here on u2.com and I was looking for some of your great work... and here I have found it. I also focused on "the rope" in the song "The Troubles." You know what the rope means to me. I most identify with "Drowning Man" and "Take my hand / you know I'll be there if you can / I'll cross the sky for your love / give you what I hold dear..." I can agree with "Wire," "Here's the rope / now swing on it." I think the rope is a positive thing here in "Wire".. a friend reaching out to help somone who is about to or has set themselves on fire. I haven't figured out all of the meaming of "The Troubles." Lykke Li's vocals are mezmorizing. Not sure if "Somebody stepped inside your soul / little by little they robbed and stole / till someone else was in control" is a positive or a negative at this point. A couple spots on this album remind me of "Staring at the Sun" and this is one. "Step inside." There are a ton of referenes to stealing on this album. My favorite reference found on "Cedarwood Road" is "If the door is open it isn't theft." But "little by little they robbed and stole" is hard to interpret for me. It's either the light or the darkness that is growing. Sounds a bit like the darkness and the voices in "The Acrobat" "If you just close your eyes you can feel the enemy... and you can dream so dream outloud don't let the bastards grind you down." (Thought you would like atleast one "Achtung Baby" reference here.). For me, Bono reveals his identity in the song "Volcano." His identity is "Rock 'n' Roll." It's also found in "The Miracle." "I woke at the moment when the miracle occured / Heard a song that made some sense out of the world." Bono discovered, by sneaking into a Ramones concert that he could be in a Rock 'n' Roll band (even with his girly voice?). (By the way, how would U2 feel if we snuck into one of their concerts?) Reminds me of "Moment of Surrender" and "meet me in the sound" from NLOTH. And one more..."Soldier soldier / we signed our lives away / complete surrender / the only weapon we know" could refer to Rock 'n' Roll and/or God. For me, "the rope" in "The Troubles" refers to Rock 'n' Roll. Rock 'n' Roll is what saved Bono. It gave him "music so I can exaggerate my pain, and give it a name." But, to me, this album is much more than that. It's about how we deal with the hurt, the pain, the chaos, the rage. Bono was able to channel all of these feelings/emotions/experiences into Rock 'n' Roll. e.g. "I threw a brick through a window" "Sunday bloody Sunday" and "MoFo" to mention a few. For me, this album is about how God uses the pain, the hurt, the chaos, and the rage to draw us closer to him. God allows these things to happen to break us. To break the heart. To break and enter. "A heart that is broken is a heart that is open." But, "it isn't theft if the heart is open." It's these quotes and more that makes me think that the line "somebody stepped inside your soul / little by little they robbed in stole / 'till someone else was in control" describes God allowing the hurt, the pain, the chaos, the troubles to break us so that He can enter. Bono uses his conversational tone in this song. He continues, "God knows it's not easy / taking on the shape of somone else's pain ("God shaped hole") / God now you can see me / I'm naked and afraid ("in the open space of my bed") / My body's sacred and not ashamed." Bono let's go ("But your not my troubles anymore") and let's God ("Brand new and we we're pilgrims on our way"). It's a return to the Garden. Adam and Eve were naked and not ashamed. "Everything I ever lost, now has been returned." - The Miracle "But you / I'm sure I've met / Long before the night the stars went out / We're meeting up again." - Iris In 1981, while U2 was working on "October" they had a crisis of faith. Bono and The Edge (and maybe Larry) asked themselves, "Can we be Christian and in a Rock 'n' Roll band at the same time" This nearly broke up the band. But, thirty-three years later we know the answer is "Yes." God uses the troubles to draw us close to him. And he throws us a rope.... a passion. For U2 that rope was Rock 'n' Roll. On a personal note, the rope that God thew me back in 1983 was U2. I latched onto U2's music because of the spirituality of the lyrics. Sometimes I was only "hangin' by my thumbs," but still holding on becasue God wouldn't let go. And in a sense, it was U2's music throughout the years that drew me closer to God. And I remain close to Him, closer than ever. "Hold me close, hold me close and don't let me go" - Iris "This is where you can reach me now."
  12. "Iris (Hold Me Close)" is the early standout for me. My mother's favorite flower is the iris. But this song isn't about a flower. This song is loaded with double meaning and is lyrical masterpiece. Iris, it's the name of a girl or the inner eye that allows light to enter. Reminds me of the song "I will follow" and the line "Your eye makes a circle, I see you when I go in there" "Iris" is the name of Bono's mother who died when he was young. But, Bono is known to interchange God and woman and I see this again in this song. This song could be about Bono's mother or it could be about God or both. A common theme of Bono's poetry. I believe it is about both. The opening lines read: "The star, that gives us light Has been gone a while But it's not an illusion. Something in your eyes Took a thousand years to get here Something in your eyes Took a thousand years, a thousand years." "Something in your eye." The iris is found in the eye. It's the circular colored curtain that lets light in. There is a huge play on words here. When I saw the last line, I thought one-thousand plus one-thousand equals two-thousand years. Is he talking about Jesus been gone for two-thousand years?... "the star".... the light of the world. Later he sings, "I got your life (light) inside of me." (Not sure if he sings life or light, but interchangable.) Again, could be his mother (life), could be Jesus (life or light). "But you I'm sure I met." suggests someone other than his mother. "Were meeting up again" is similar idea found in U2's 1981 song titled "Tomorrow" which about the death of Bono's mother ("I want you to be back tomorrow"). "But it's not an illusion. Something in your eyes." Bono is asking is this a dream or is it real? He has memories of his mother, visions of Jesus (vision over visibility). "You took me by the hand." Again shades of I will Follow, "His mother takes him by the hand." "Iris wakes to my nightmares. Don't fear the world it isn't there." "I woke when the moment when the miracle occurred." The Miracle (of Joey Ramone) Musically and lyrically, I just love this song. The chorus "Hold me close... Who we are. I've got your life (light) inside of me" is so powerful and moving. Gives me goosebumps. All for now...
  13. First we have Edge saying U2 has 30 songs and 5 or 6 completed and mixed. Then we have Bono saying they are working on 50 songs and two albums. So, what is going on with the news today that no U2 album until 2015? Many possiblitues: 1) U2 has decided to finish two records before going on tour, 2) U2 wants to lower expectations, or 3) U2 can't find "the magic." I'm leaning towards 1) and 2). Let's be clear, "the magic" is realy U2 refering to "God walking through the room." The truth is God is always in the room. God never leaves us nor foresakes us. Maybe the question is when will U2 walk through the room? But, I believe they are both in the room and great things are happening dispite the negative news. I will not pile. I chose to be patient and hopeful. "Time leaves us pollished stones." Praying for U2.
  14. Love this song. Opening line reminds me of the lines in the song "Smile", "The smoke machine is yours not mine." Maybe it has something to do with "those frozen days" and "your frozen ways" they "melt away." More of a fog machine than a smoke machine isn't it?
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