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  1. I did see someone say on Twitter how they called and were caller 7, so someone must be live answering. Radio stations sometimes take their time answering too. To stagger winning times. My experience with calling in to win tickets for other shows, anyway. Ive seen people post on twitter who’ve won on twitter, Facebook, u2.com, and calling in. I think most are chosen except the rules for the Facebook twitter contest said to leave your entry post set to public through 6/10, in case some chosen can’t claim the prize. Theyll choose someone else.
  2. Has anyone heard if any won on Facebook and twitter? Those may be harder to parse through to verify people can make it The sirius contest had an address to write to with a SASE for a list of winners. Nkt sure if it’s winners just from the email Sirius contest, but I’m going to write in and get the list. ?
  3. There was also a targeted email to Sirius subscribers ‘in the area’. ( the fine print was 3.2 million) You had to respond and enter. No transport, just 25 pairs of tickets given away. This one is in addition to the ones above. It ended 5/30.
  4. Damn. That means the 25 were selected. If you need a plus one, I’m available lol congrats!
  5. Thanks! Saves me from checking my email until at least after 5 pm, ?
  6. The U2 member contest says it ends on 6/3 in one spot, (below where terms and conditions are) and 6/4 in another. (in the body of explaining the contest.)
  7. Don't get too pissed-those are pretty much vip packages at $470 +
  8. just renewed-where are the codes displayed? it's not in my email confirmation, nor on the tour page when i'm logged in.
  9. Question-I bought 2 Experience tickets in last weeks presale. Tomorrow, i'm buying for a friend using her code-her address, her cc info, here email. i'm using my same IP address possibly, but I assume this should be fine? I have a 2nd friend who also can't get to a computer to buy- Can I buy a fan club bundle when those go on sale, using my CC? it'll be my address, but I can give the subcription registration over to this 2nd friend. Will my info/cc/address from buying 2 tickets in the first presale, flag a new purchase of the fan bundle in the 2nd presale? Trying to be preemptive here
  10. Boston has a few single seats, otherwise, they're completely sold out, even the $$ seats.
  11. Internal server error. Get to buy page sometimes and it reads 'there are problems with your submission' Then when you're offered tickets and hit buy, the timer runs out while tm spins It won't complete the buy. Insane and this is the freaking presale
  12. But they still don;t have a game plan besides what they probably usually have for regular events. The girl said maybe the day before they may have some new information but nothing new has been given to them. I told here they'd never be able to turn away the number of people headed to the stadium prior to 3pm. I told her most shows have 200 people in line by 9am. They seem to think they can just tell people 'come back later' and that'll work. With lots opening at 3pm, not sure how you can park earlier than 3. I'm walking from my hotel so don't have a car to worry about. Not sure about other p
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