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  1. did you not attend the ZOOTV or the POP tours? those were amazing...... i went to 8 shows in 2 different spots....loved every minute of them, but they went super extravagant for those, basically of that time the two largest tours around. so i do not see where you think they have ignored that era. as of the 2000's , i do agree they do not revisit more of those songs... but they tend to do quite a bit of the achtung baby stuff .... i would agree to more off the pop and zooropa stuff...
  2. i know right, they got one job to do ..... just one job to do and thats sell tickets... they are a constant fail regardless of who your trying to buy tix for... its soo funny that these establishments have not booted them yet for another company
  3. isn't it quite funny that they call themselves ticketMASTER? ...lol they are a def. joke, but i finally got mine 1h12m into the presale via the TM APP.... so that worked well... hope everyone gets one... best of luck
  4. just use the phone app... been trying since 10am, and just worked on the app
  6. nicely put, everyone on here is complaining and NOT being happy that they are pretty much almost guaranteed to get two tickets... us true fans appreciate it..
  7. I believe it's "2 tickets" total per membership presale code, meaning you can buy 2 tickets for one show, or you can buy 1 ticket for one show and 1 ticket for another show. When the general public on sale starts, its a total of 4 tickets on the first day, 8 tickets after that but more than likely the shows will sell out in day or less anyways. not from what i had read and even is listed on the q&A here and as well on ticketmaster .com, two per show up to two shows
  8. they always add more dates the first couple days after intital sales, dont know why everyone is in a tizzy about it.. Boston, minimum for example 3 shows twice in tour.. then they added NJ for two nights right afterwards on last 4 tours of theirs here... so they always do, usually same day for cities that are listed , then add more cities 2-3 days after intial sales
  9. its two ticket per show up to 2 shows fromwhat i read
  10. the cheapest are usually the GA standing only on floor .... they always do that for every tour...
  11. WHERE is my email with my presale code? anyone have any other updates, anyone receive theirs yet????
  12. hope everything went well and hope to see u on the road again for the 47th time..... woohooo.... just gotta get on my knees boy.. to get those tix ..... but get well soon, my heart and prayers are with ya much love, Manuel
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