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  1. I'm so excited to be coming to Amsterdam - 1st time! I arrive early on Friday. .My first Q: how prevalent is uber in Amsterdam? Especially after the show/post-show parties? I usually stay clear of 'all in one' passes, but the multi-day transport card seems like a good thing as does the all-in-one Iamsterdam Card (with transport built in). I did the math! (Remember, 1st-time visitor so some of what I want to see will add up) .Good idea? * I realize the train from airport is extra* Was planning on taking that ferry .you mentioned above! .While I want to see all the major attractions, as a 1st-time visitor, I'm gathering a list of neighborhoods to walk thru and less-touristy things to see and do.! I love to just walk and walk and explore!
  2. Hmm did you at least get to pick which side? What about once the show started - could you crossover?
  3. So did they open up the back so you could easily go around the floor or did they keep north side and south side separate? If so, do you get to pick which side you get? Thx
  4. Looking at this configuration in Berlin, it seems like people can't walk between the "north side" and "south side" via the back of the e-stage. Yes? No? I liked the freedom to walk around the back at the shows this past spring/summer.
  5. I took a photo of disclaimer before entering? My favorite part of disclaimer - "forever and throughout the world..." LOL
  6. Filmed both nights in DC. Signs were up alerting everyone that the show would be video taped. "By entering this venue you have consented to be filmed and recorded during tonight's show. Your recorded image (still or motion), voice and sound may be used in any manner or media, forever and throughout the world by U2 and its affiliated and related entities, designees, successors, licensees and assigns and you waive any claims in connection with any use of the film and recordings made of you." Thank you Gawd, I hope I didn't make a fool of myself?
  7. I may need a drink before filling this one out. While I respect them for at least bothering with a survey, right now, it looks like the intention is to continue with VF, while looking to improve it. Clearly, the optimal outcome is for U2 to cut ties with VF! In the meantime, summon those memories and try and be detailed.
  8. kbhatt Couple of options. .Circulator Bus ($1) runs til midnight and there is a Georgetown/Union Station run. They go about every 10 minutes. There's a stop at 7th and Mass Ave. But if you don't want to rush after the show, just head away from the venue - walk down F or G toward higher numbered streets and get an uber then. It'll be less congested and possibly less expensive, Check the facebook page; I think there is a fan post-show party . Interestingly, last year on the JT tour, they took the stage at the DC show at FedEx Field earlier than at any other show I went to. If you walked fast (1 mile), you could make the last train.?
  9. Safe as in personal security - yes; safe as in timing - best to use the wmata.com website to get information about schedules, trip planning; and last trains leaving station. Be aware that the Metro closes early on Monday and earlier on Sunday. But check the website for timing and take into consideration if you have to transfer. Not sure where on M Street, you are going, but there is no Metro Service to Georgetown,. .
  10. For future reference, what criteria does this site use to post our photos to the event tour page? I posted photos with what I thought were right hashtags (seems to be what other people use), but not a one showed up under the page where it says Were you at the show in Omaha? So for future reference...
  11. What specific permissions MUST you give this app to run; which ones can you deny?
  12. Remember when U2 reached out to help EODM after the Bataclan attack, and even gave them a slot at their rescheduled Paris show? What hateful comments from their frontman this weekend. He's a coward too, because he deleted the Insta posts, but they live on in screenshots. From NBC Nightly News in US https://tinyurl.com/y9swbdvr
  13. Yes, they just swipe the card - it actually doesn't matter if it is still active. The entire US JT2017 was credit card entry for field (except where prohibited), and every venue I went to that tour had people on site to work through any strange issues. I had an even bigger problem because my card got cancelled due to a security breach, so the card (and number) were cancelled and a new card (new number) reissued. But the old card got me in.
  14. Discovered on Jan 31 - that for MSG3, Ticketmaster allowed anyone into the iNNOCENCE presale if they were willing to buy a membership on the spot. They have done that before, and it smacks of a big ole money grab and an open door for resellers.. A slap in the face to iNNOCENCE subscribers too.
  15. Time flies... This is still one of my favorite events ever. The 'We Are One' concert at the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, 9 years ago TODAY! I had a ticket for a seat up front. I told my new friends around me that when U2 took the 'stage', I would be ON my seat for their powerful two-song set! Pride and City of Blinding Light What an afternoon! Thanks to Stoffe Olsson for posting this segment to youtube (955K+ views) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=X3KrdwnlBIs
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