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  1. Hi Guys for those who have been to the show, what is best positioning for GA. Stage is long not sure where they will be most of the time.
  2. I think Everyone is missing the point including our boys in U2. The red zone which I have purchased since they first became available is a way to support one of the many causes U2 Supports. An added benefit especially in the beginning is that they were always the best location and the band would give them special attention. This has changed dramatically since the last tour. For the fan who wants to have the best experience in regards to location GA is the way to go, but come very early especially in the Key big cities. For this who want to arrive later have less pushing but not have the best
  3. I have tickets in the Red Zone for this weekends Tampa show.Which is better Red Zone or inner Circle? Can I get to the inner circle from the Red Zone? Thanks in advance
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