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  1. Plus I was waiting for the ticket sale link at the top to go live. It took a while to figure out I had to go to another link that had all the packages and the place you purchase the tix was at the very bottom. That also wasted valuable time. Anyway, I glad I got tix even though I couldn't pick what I wanted and had to go with what was listed.
  2. Why did we bother hooking our TM account? I have all my saved info on there including cc. In the middle of trying to get my tix, I had to register for that site too. We couldn't select our own seats, had to take what was given to us.
  3. PS. I am so nervous!! I had such bad experiences getting tickets in the past. I remember for Songs of Innocence, being on TM at 10 am and then doing the Captcha and being prompted to do that like 10 times. Meanwhile, the tix I had in my cart kept disappearing and by the time I got through, 45 mins later, I ended up with seats way up high. I just hope this new system is smooth and easy.
  4. Thanks!! Would I be clicking on the link to the right that says, Tickets, Coming Soon at 10 am? Laurel
  5. I went to the website listed on the text alert I just got. It took me to ticketmaster and when I click on the venue I want, it took me to, https://www.axs.com/events/345608/u2-tickets?skin=gwinnett&ac_link=ntm_u218_fc_SMS_111417 Is this the window I should keep open and use at 10?
  6. Thanks! I had friends last year who did this for JT and ended up with better seats than me. It's so frustrating.
  7. Just saw a lot of tix for sale on Stubhub. If they are already selling premium seats, how are we supposed to get good seats?
  8. Good! I can't see mine either. I can't remember how they were ranked last year. I just know I have been a long time subscriber.
  9. So we will get the text before 10 am when tix go on sale?
  10. What does connecting our Ticketmaster account to our U2 membership do? When tix go on sale, are we still ordering from TM?
  11. I was in and out in 5 mins for Tampa. Got section 111. My first choice disappeared after trying to actually choose specific seats so this was best available.
  12. And they take people's payments?
  13. No, I had to keep going back to get new ones. They had a Captcha thing to prove you weren't a robot that hung up everytime so the timer for your tix would run out and you had to start over. I'm getting cold sweats just thinking about it.
  14. Holy crap. Had nightmares all night that I had my 4 tix in the best seats possible and then TM crashed and I ended up as far away as possible. I won't rest easy until tix are in my account.
  15. Do we use the link on U2.com and click the city we want or do we go to the Ticket Master website separately?
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