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  1. that is weird. I was in the waiting room for about 10 minutes.
  2. Guys, GEG did not pull from u2.com. They pulled from the general public sale. It is part of the venue contract. nothing has changed for u2.com members. Additionally this is why floor was easiest to get through GEG. Dont panic.
  3. guys, go to the link! I just got 5 pre sale tickets without a key!!!!
  4. anyone with boots presale out there.... are you having any issues getting GA seats?
  5. just read this as well!
  6. yup, i was in boston this year... waiting to grab my tix for montreal in 2010
  7. Any ideas where and when pre sale will begin?
  8. yes, they actually have two albums in the works. One is a rock out album that i guess bono is very excited about as it is less technical then their newer stuff and more like the old. Kingdom is one of those i guess that he says will be the first single. This was based on the interview up in canada you can find out on the web from about two weeks ago.
  9. i got there at 3pm on the dot. tailgaited for an hour and got in line so i could get inner circle by about 4:15pm or so. piece of cake. photos from the show here: http://jeffmcpherson.zenfolio.com/p116980564
  10. Radiohedonist. I had a similar experience to Bossind. here are my photos with a point and shoot cam. http://jeffmcpherson.zenfolio.com/p116980564 dont worry, it is a legit site. Zenfolio is just an image hosting site.
  11. i think DC the parking lots open at 3pm right? If so, that is just like Gillette. I got in line at 4:00pm almost on the dot. Waited in line for an hour and 45 minutes (shorter than a disney ride) and get center/left. Mind you, i picked where i wanted to be to give you an idea. Yes, this was inner circle. Seems to be a trend with the later opening lots that people are getting right in without an issue. Also, when i got in, there were just as many people waiting outside the circle as in so keep in mind that some people, while early in line, dont want to be in the circle.
  12. So based on recent interviews the past couple weeks, sounds like 1-2 new albums are already in the works with one as soon as december possibly.. i find that unlikely. That is great and really great to hear bono make statements like "my voice is stronger than ever" and we have been writing machines... now, Gillette is done and i am ready for round two... has anyone heard anything about possibly extending this tour yet or do you think they will end it as planned, release the next album and go back to an arena round?
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