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  1. Anybody setting up a tailgate area for U2.com members?? Steve
  2. Just Got My Tix!!! Can't Wait!! Indoor shows are much better than the stadium shows!!! Tailgate time!!
  3. What time did the opening act come on? Also, what time did they allow GA entry? I was in NY at MSG 2 years ago, strolled in and was about 5 rows from Adam. Was a great crowd too! You head to the bathroom and everybody let you back to your spot without any issues.
  4. I'm a bit bent I didn't spend the money for 2 RZ tix. I do have 2 GA, and 2 I won off the radio that they haven't told me where the seats are yet. Willing to trade/cash if somebody has 2 extras!! Steve
  5. Rest In Peace David.......

  6. Just trying to get an idea for travel to the show Thursday. Anybody have an idea of how long the recent shows have been going on till? Thanks! Steve
  7. Just curious how much the RedZone tickets go for, I can't find the info. (Unless they are a part of the super expensive hotel packages) Steve
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