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  1. Will we get Red Flag Day next one wonders...
  2. Too true - I’ve been surprised at those who’ve been scoping this tour. They’ve really stuck with it despite the drain on their phone batteries. I need to tune into a audio feed.
  3. Waiting for a consistent Scooe of tonight’s show - one started during The Blackout then dropped ?
  4. If you can book a room walking distance to the venue do it. We saw JT30shows in chicago (the stadium though) and the exit was TOUGH. So many people, we didn’t even try for a LYFT and walked it back to the hotel.
  5. Listening to the Noel opening song makes me sad I’m not there. Good show to all who are in Omaha!
  6. Hoping for Periscopes of tonight’s show!
  7. I arrived at 6pm (doors) in both Tulsa and St. Louis and was one person deep from rail (Tulsa mid screen Edge side, St. Louis mid “e” stage). Had seats in Vegas Los Angeles shows: night 1 arrived around 7 and decided to stand mid screen Edge side but not in throng against rail. Still saw perfectly fine and abled me to move to “e” stage at intermission. Night 2 went down to floor around 7:30, ended up being one deep from rail mid screen Edge side after some movement still left spot at intermission for “e” stage so... I don’t get why people run sign in check ins leading up to shows and camping in line. With this stage set up you don’t need to in order to have a great view from any side. You’ll be fine no matter what, and you’ll have a great view of the band: enjoy the show!
  8. I'm a subscriber and I love Sirius - better than terrestrial radio for sure (no commercials for one thing which is where the "paying for it" comes into play - unless you're listening to Howard Stern or the few other talk radio channels who do run advertising) and the programming is fantastic. That being said, I get not wanting to pay for it - it's not cheap. I have the streaming only package so I can listen no matter where I am via the app which I believe is cheaper than running it through a car that has satellite radio capabilities. They do run free trials where you can listen for free for a week here and there and I think one is running right now if you wanted to check it out. I've won Sirius contests in the past so that will either hurt me, help me or do neither, ha!
  9. I just hit play on the new Courtney Barnett album which I’m very excited to listen to
  10. It has been acoustic at every show so far on the tour and based on how the "e" stage set runs, I would guess it will stay that way - Larry switches to bongos, Edge straps on an acoustic guitar and afterwards, they go into Staring at the Sun acoustic as U2DieHarPerez mentioned above. I'd LOVE to hear a full version of YTBTAM. When we saw them play it on the Joshua Tree Anniversary tour it was also acoustic so I've yet to see it full electric. If I had my choice the band wouldn't play anything acoustic I like them at their full electric power at all times. That being said, it's a nice moment.
  11. Agreed. I was asking as someone above me talked about an article mentioning the MRI which if there is one, I missed.
  12. Damn, we lost a song tonight (Gloria & Red Flag Day for ABOY), the band went on about 10min later than they had been - may have had something to do with it but had such a great time. Very lengthy words before Staring At the Sun tonight. Good to hear Bono speak so much on my last US show. We got those blasted Forum wristbands again vs the NORTH SIDE/SOUTH SIDE U2 wristbands for the floor. Bah. Met so many nice people on these five dates, I ♥️ U2 fans. Now the long wait until October and the UK...
  13. Glad you made it out alive with your scary walk and/or drive through the hood depending on where you parked. Congrats! Beverly Hills traffic and parking aren’t much better so I’m not connecting your parking issues with where the venue is located but whatevs. Welcome to living in a city with varying neighborhoods. If you thought Inglehood was clever or funny and instead someone (me) said it was tacky remember you posted it on a public forum which welcomes commentary naturally. All I know is I’m going to the show again tonight and am excited about it. End scene.
  14. I'm crossing my fingers that tonight they will change up LA N2 (for no other reason than I'd like them to, they haven't really proved to do so this tour so far in any significant way ). Either way, I'm glad that they played Red Flag Day last night. I'd like some swapping out on the "e" stage honestly - that's a great spot to shake it up and it doesn't have to be so structured like most of the rest of the set (apart from Staring at the Sun/Pride connection). Tonight is my last US show this tour (probably) - after this I have the long wait to October for Manchester N1/N2 so I'm going to enjoy the show no matter what.
  15. We saw them in Dublin on the i+e Tour in 2015 at 3Arena and it was so fantastic. Something to note which we didn't realize: we bought the VIP travel tickets which included hotel etc. which meant we had front row of the seated section off of the floor. Know that in these seats you are required by the venue to sit the whole time. I assume it may be because people have gone over the rail but it was a bummer to not know that going into it. Apart from that, 3Arena is a really small house and a great place to see them. Saw Simple Minds there the next night, too! In terms of how GA works - not sure the process but I'll say that the floor looked PACKED - not sure how the capacity laws differ from here in the states. It was surprising how little free space there was on that floor. We stayed at the InterContinental Dublin which is just a bit out of the city center but easy to get to via tram. It was a little stuffy/fancy but again was part of our VIP ticket package so we had no choice really. The next trip to Dubs I want to stay at the Clarence for obvious reasons. I loved the Temple Bar district (even though touristy), the Hard Rock Cafe is worth a stop in for a photo with the Trabant hanging from the ceiling, Mary's Hardware bar, Thomas House bar (great punk rock bar - highly recommend stopping in), did the Jameson and Guinness tours of course, The Brazen Head pub (oldest pub in Dublin), took the bus to Cedarwood Road to Bono's old house (which was very cool to see - the neighborhood looks just like the video in the show which seems obvious but it was still a trip to be there) and went out to Killiney to see Bono's current house (I won't post details here but you can find it if you so choose). Also went to old Windmill Lane Studios (that's my profile picture) and the docks where the cover of October was shot. A photo with the Phil Lynott statue was also a must which was the first thing we did. Essentially, we did our own U2 Tour without the tour guide
  16. I totally missed that the lead in is an MRI in Tulsa, St. Louis and Vegas and only really listened to it last night in LA - I've had quite a few MRI's and it's clear as day when you listen to it with that perspective. And yes, only certain scans would require you to breathe in and out between them (I'm speculating here because I was never asked to do this during my MRIs)... No matter what it was, I hope that Bono is now tip top. Was there an official article from the band that addressed this? Please post if so, again I missed that whole thing until I saw this thread here a few days ago.
  17. The political comments and commentary on the bands' position is always a fascinating read for me. Seeing the opening of the tour in Tulsa and St. Louis where judging by the TRUMP bumper sticker count in those cities alone vs. Los Angeles, 45 supporters appeared to be far higher in those cities but there was a lot less complaining here about their visuals and/or what he says during the show. Interesting to say the least. I'm not here to change anyone's mind or convince anyone of anything but I do think the band is expressing their views as they always have and really, pointing out that no matter who you support the KKFreakinK marching the streets in the US proudly once again is madness. It's not their fault these maniacs wore MAGA hats and support 45. In terms of pandering to women, I can't with those comments. He has women in his life that he loves and he realizes the struggle of women the world over (and no, I'm not about to sit here and list example after example out for anyone) and the band supports those of all sexes through both the ONE Campaign and (RED). https://www.one.org/us/about/ #LoveIsBiggerThanAnythingInItsWay
  18. Inglehood - tacky Re: venue selection: Clearly you missed when they played FIVE nights at the Forum on the i+e tour a short 2-ish years ago. The Forum is an awesome venue post-renovation, especially where sound is concerned. Re: wristbands: they’ve had branded bands for GA in at least the last three tours including the shows I’ve seen on this tour in other cities. My guess - something went wrong or a delivery didn’t make it and the Forum had to provide bands in a pinch without notice. Just a guess but I thought it strange that all of a sudden there weren’t NORTH SIDE/SOUTH SIDE U2 wristbands when we arrived last night.
  19. If it helps anyone for tonight, I arrived at 6:30/6:45 last night and the lot was already getting full. If it’s possible, I’d arrive early to avoid frustration this evening. Band went on around 8:35/8:40.
  20. You really want this statement to be seen, posting it in another thread AND starting your own here so I’ll say this: if you have tickets for tonight, particularly GA Floor, there are probably folks here who might like to buy them. Have a nice day!
  21. I’m sure this has already been said but WE GOT RED FLAG DAY finally. I’ve seen four of seven shows on the tour and they played at the three I hadn’t seen up to this point It sounded so good - stoked. I have no voice left. Oh, and I finally caught pages falling from the ceiling tonight!
  22. If I paid $330 for tickets then the prices dropped to some insanely cheap amount the week of show I’d be super pissed. Youre also accounting for said loss above via the $330 ea ticket price loss, not at an unknown lower price loss the difference of which may not be worth angering people who did pay the original price.
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