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  1. I used to live in Seattle and drive to/from Vancouver quite a bit. As kwaite said, you need either a passport or a WA State "Enhanced Driver's License." Hope that helps!
  2. Thanks Bigwave for looking into the swap/direct-sale to other real U2 fans. I love the way that we U2 fans have helped each other out with tickets over the years. A couple of tours ago (HTDAAB) my husband and I ended up with multiple tickets for Vancouver because Ticketmaster crashed part way through our transaction and we started again, but both transactions actually went through (that would have messed things up this time mind you, with the ticket limits they'd probably have cancelled both transactions!) We were able to make several other people *very* happy by getting the tickets to them
  3. That really, really sucks. I am so sorry. I did get my presale tix OK, but tried for the public sale for the 2nd night in Phoenix (since they will apparently be different shows on each night) and had the usual TM fiasco of not even being able to request tickets for a few minutes, and then after being in the "waiting room" for 20 minutes, well, there was nothing left I wanted. Just hundreds of reseale at vastly inflated prices. Getting U2 tickets has been a trauma ever since it went online, but this is so messed up -- cancelling tickets for people who were paid-up U2.com members on a techn
  4. Yep -- I was also screwed over by Ticketmaster (again!) since I couldn't get onto the site for the Phoenix public sale today -- kept flipping between "loading" and a tantelizing glimpse of the actual "buy tickets" page for the first few minutes (I have a good computer and fast internet connection), by which time it was all over. It's sickening to see all the tickets immeidately start showing up at vastly inflated prices. My husband and I did get GAs for the first night, via presale: so at least that worked well for me this time!
  5. Well that was the usual Ticketmaster disaster: I couldn't actually get into the site till a few minutes into the public sale -- kept flipping between "loading" and a brief glimpse of the book tickets page, By the time I got in, no GAs or good tickets at an affordable price. I hope that there will a ticket drop later. I am certainly not buying anything at inflated resale price -- I hate scalpers!
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