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  1. I cringed a few times at the beginning of the Rose Bowl youtube broadcast but, all in all, I think Bono's voice does remarkably well for what he's asking it to do. I've cringed before (Superbowl broadcast) at his voice (even off-key at times) but he sure gets lots of points from me for being gutsy and real and doing it live. I have to say, I saw them live in Houston this time around (first time GA--right by the outer ring) and Bono looks so into it and happy. His enthusiasm is contagious. I would take a hundred off-key notes and raspy vocals over the polished and fake crap that most put ou
  2. to be a fanatic. There is plenty of "violence" going on politically that is motivated by fanatical beliefs. How much legislation in the name ofbiblical morality has been pushed through government over the last many years? I understand Life's frustration. If you've never either been afundamentalist evangelical or been around many of them you may not know how very intolerant they can be.
  3. Panth wrote: Actually people like you threaten the freedom to worship whatever God we choose in this country, people like you are the real threat, and are the real intolerance and hatred that destroy this country. So yes, by your hate speech you are threatening anyone who has a faith or a religion of some kind. So you believers are all tolerant with non-belief then? You have never called atheists anything but respectful names? You all think atheists deserve as muchrespect as any believer, right? You wouldn't try to change the way that atheists think, I hope, or try to convert t
  4. Per http://www.merriam-webster.com/dictionary/fanatic the definition of fanatic: : marked by excessive enthusiasm and often intense uncritical devotion The key (for me, anyway) being the UNCRITICAL devotion.
  5. LifeFactory wrote: REPEAT: Being intolerant of intolerance is not an oxymoron. Some things need to be put down. This fanatical evangelical movement is definitely one of those, along with the radical Islamist, white supremacist and neo-nazi movements. All those in favor of non-fanatical-based identities say "Aye/I" Aye, Life Factory. Some great reading here. The difficult thing (having once been firmly entrenched in a fanatical world view myself) is that, while inside, itis almost impossible to see anything outside your insular little world. You are so strongly discour
  6. LifeFactory wrote: For some reason (because I was not thinking about u2 at all), it just occurred to me what it is that I "dislike about U2" (although that is strong language.) More accurate for me would be to say what it is about the U2 scene that keeps me from being able to make it an integral part of my world view. And this is... I simply do not understand why it seems to be so hard for the Bono character--and by extension many of the fans-- to just be happy and do the right thing in the world. It always appears to be such a struggle that one has to go hunting about in faith
  7. Tracy M doesn't speak for me. I have enjoyed your well-reasoned posts. I will continue to read them! You have responded with a fairly level-head given thecrazy, misleading and downright ridiculous assertions I've seen in this thread. I'll give Zootrabant a little leeway as he's clearly speakingEnglish as a second language. That, however, doesn't excuse his poor arguments.
  8. hmtmkmkm wrote: I do think though, it can effect how you look at other people, how you treat others, respect for others. Evolution doesn't tell you how to live and not live your life, doesn't give you rules to live by, restrictions, it's pretty much do whatever to preserve your own interests, step on whoever is in your way to get what you want. Nothing to keep you from doing whatever you want, of course it's more appealing than a religion that tells you what is right and wrong. It's no wonder people burst into schools or wherever and open fire without a concern with who they're kill
  9. LifeFactory wrote: I find it absolutely horrible that there are some people who are so arrogant as to presume that humans are the only life forms with "spirit." How ugly, how cruel, how blind, and how tragic for every other life form. To proscribe a universe that is spiritually dead and unintelligent with the exception of human company--how awful, how terrible, how unethical, how devoid of magic and beauty--how barren. And how overly complimentary to one's own species! Well said. Funny that the believers think we non-believers are the ones with a narrow-minded, fatalistic wo
  10. When did U2 become more about album sales and being "bigger" than any other band than making good music? At some point they aren't going to beable to reach the 16 year olds anymore. That shouldn't be their target fan base anyway. Unless they are focusing only on popularity and money...
  11. Evolution is not a religion. It's a scientific theory. Is America the only country where people equate belief in dogma with accepting the validity ofcurrent scientific theory? Sad commentary on the state of scientific education in our country. Science is an ever changing process of discovering facts about the world. New hypotheses are critiqued by scientists worldwide. They are tested by scientistsof all points of view and religion who would often love to come up with new evidence that proves something different. If these hypotheses stand up to scrutinyand testing, they are considered theo
  12. Funny that many don't like this album that well. I've found that I actually like this one a lot better than the last few. There's something matureabout it, IMO. I'm not big into the spiritual aspects, but I love the sounds of the songs. The weaker songs for me, "Crazy" and "NoLine," are the only ones I'm tempted to skip over. I think it's extremely difficult, in this "High School Musical"/American Idol/Hip Hopculture to be an album oriented rock band. The masses, at this point, are looking for what I consider commercialized crap. Not sure I want U2 to go there justto be popular...
  13. ceallach67 wrote: acrobat82 wrote: ceallach67 wrote: May I ask where the mentalilty came from that if you're a fan of U2 it's the law that you have to love everything they do? Was there some kind of fine print that I missed that said fans weren't allowed to dislike something? You're not actually saying that you have friends who do things you dislike or with whom you disagree, are you???!! Eeeek!! I am and I do. Does that make me weird?? Then again, I've read some really weird posts on this board (prince bono, anyone?)...
  14. ceallach67 wrote: May I ask where the mentalilty came from that if you're a fan of U2 it's the law that you have to love everything they do? Was there some kind of fine print that I missed that said fans weren't allowed to dislike something? You're not actually saying that you have friends who do things you dislike or with whom you disagree, are you???!!
  15. I'm not real fond of the extra commercialism of the past few years. It goes with where the whole music industry is headed so maybe it's necessary, butU2 constantly promoting themselves is getting old for me. I guess I would like to see them age gracefully and not try to overly pander to the younger crowd. It's funny, I used to defend U2 for being "secular" when I was a christian 25 years ago. Over the last few years I've found myself defendingthem to many who think they're overhyped and overexposed.
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