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  1. These two shows were stunning! Crazy crowds, the house was filled with enthusiastic atmosphere. I met old and new friends who flew into this country for this tour. That was also great experience. I want to say thank you all, especially for following and respecting Japanese local rule entering GA. I think the staff wasn't able to guiding fans well...it might be frustrating though. Those who waited patiently for 13years could attend the show as expected place! I owe it all to you.
  2. Did I make you confused? I'm residents in Japan, there might be different between ticket bender.---PIA is for out of Japan residents,e-plus is for Japanese. I'm sorry I couldn't answer clearly.Would you visit this forum? http://u2japan2019.com/ I hope it will help you.
  3. Hi, again... I shold add some explanation about my comment. The number you given on screenshot from intial seller is just reservation number(I think payment have confirmed). When you printoff, the terminal equipment in 7-11 will require 13digits number. It'll start to be given from 20th Nov. I didn't get yet. It's just a supplementaly explanation. Bye.
  4. Hi, sounds nice that you can get tickets for Tokyo show. You don't need ID's.You put reserve number in terminal equipment at 7-11, printoff a receipt, then hand to reservation number to 7-11staff and you get your ticket.
  5. Hi. How are you? Nice song...kotoshi wa doyoubi!?
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