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  1. You should check FB U2 Tour Head and zootopia, usually a few days before the show. Fans will post info or you do what I do, drive around the venue Thursday or Wednesday and find the GA crowd to get your number.
  2. This was such helpful info! I called them and after 40 min I finally got my SD GA tickets after stressing for 10 hours! Got a new code and it worked!
  3. I am in the same boat as you. I only unlock VIP party package, no GA for SD. Spent 2 hours with TM, got hung up 2x. What a crappy morning! Still got no tickets. Lets give a big applause ? for our moderators! Thanks Max
  4. Thanks Max. I've been on hold for 15 minutes now with TM.
  5. Hey Mods, what are we to do? My code worked and tried another credit card but still told me to contact TM. Now it's saying my code is no good despite not purchasing any tickets due to the TM error
  6. I got up to purchase but then it wouldn't let me complete the purchase telling me I need to contact TM. WTF?
  7. Tried another computer and nothing! Anyone get San Diego GA? I'm waiting for a call from TM
  8. Anyone able to get GA for any show? I have tried for different cities and nothing! Hate TM. There is something definitely wrong. I have a code left and it only unlocked VIP and Red zone. Didn't have issues with previous sale.
  9. Does anyone know where the GA sign up list will be since we cannot be on property?
  10. I spoke with Pepsi Center today, guest relations. This is their GA protocol as follows: lineup begins at 5 am, no wrist bands, must stay on site all day, will get wrist bands prior to entering floor, no use of onsite facilities ie bathroom, can leave the line if people in line ahead or behind are ok with that. Parking lot opens at 5 am. I informed them the way LA and Phoenix handled the GA which they both did a good job with wrist bands and able to leave the venue. I don't know what San Jose or Vancouver did since didn't attend shows there. For those who read this doing GA, please call
  11. Thanks Sedona for feeling the way you did about GA. Do you have any video footage Beautiful Day up to the point he sings "wish your husband could be wit you". I'm the one he sang to. Didn't have my iPhone camera on.
  12. If anyone has video or pics during Beautiful Day from second show, please let me know. Red zone had priority over GA which upset every GA person in front. All prime spots at the front stage taken. Any idea if that will happen at other cities?
  13. For those who have GA for night 2, good luck. Red zone people were able to have a choice of GA or red zone. 99.9% took GA and all of the front rail in the pit.
  14. Get well soon. Take your time to heal. I work in neurosurgery so DON"T RUSH IT!!! My prayers and thoughts are with you.
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