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  1. You don't mind paying $300.00 and more for sitting? why not shell out $50.00 for a subscription to the zoo and sit at home listening to shows streamed on line. let the people who want to give energy to the band and get it back from them enjoy the concerts live
  2. ummm, sorrry, but the trailer was all over the net before the release here. but that's nothing new, u2.com (live nation) is rarely the first with any u2 news. and as for the song, how can anyone judge it with only hearing 30 seconds which was covered by dialogue? it sounded just like a soundtrack to any other movie, in fact my first thought was it sounds like the hands that built America
  3. it took me 20 minutes to remember my log in info, and the trailer was the surprise! that's a piss poor surprise if you ask me. this is my last year to subscribe to this site, it just isn't worth the expense. very sad when I look but at the excitement and fun that was u2.com during the Vertigo tour. that was the peak for me around here, and it's done nothing but go downhill ever since.
  4. anyone else have trouble resubbing? it kept asking me to confirm my address.
  5. [quote name='basher1 wrote: Angel-Eyes wrote: realgonekid']I was thinking today just how big of a U2 fan am I? If there was some kind of test I could take, I wonder where about's on the U2 fanscale I would be? I would go as far as buying all of U2's albums, remastered reissues, deluxe dvd's, including some proshot bootlegs and seeing a couple of shows of each tour but wouldn't travel any further than the UK to see more. I listen to U2 music nearly every day and the most exspensive item I've bought was the deluxe 3 disc boxset reissue of The Joshua Tree, but that's about my limit. So on
  6. so let me get this straight, in your opinion, unless you've spent a lot of money on U2 you're not a "Big" fan? that's not a fan, that sounds like someone who's using U2 as a status symbol
  7. they let us take them in at Anaheim. I'd talk to the venue before the show and high level security the day of. you never know, they may rethink not allowing you to take in a bottle, but if you don't ask it's certain they won't.
  8. well you can sue for a papercut, then I should be able to sue for the sun burn I got while waiting for the Anaheim shows!
  9. not me, they slowed down the pace of the show too much. not that they aren't good songs, but give me the energy of the Anaheim shows any day!
  10. [quote name='pop4fizz wrote: LasVegasU2Fan']For those who have GA for night 2, good luck. Red zone people were able to have a choice of GA or red zone. 99.9% took GA and all of the front rail in the pit. That explains so much. I heard there is a "diamond club" and those members get to enter the stadium first as well. I was about 500 or so in line at the entrance to Edge's side, Gate 1. It was already full by the time we got down there. The floor security did not handle the lines too well. Did anyone notice the 4-5 security guards planted inside the pit? They wouldn't move until they
  11. at around noon, there were about 140 people with numbers. There is no one line-up because we aren't allowed to be. being 50th in line increases your chances of being on the rail, but it's not a sure thing (what is?)
  12. What we were told this morning was that all access into the stadium and the Metrolink parking areas will be closed at 6 or 6:30 pm tonight. People who have cars parked in ML area will be allowed out by security posted there. You will not be allowed to stay overnight on the stadium grounds. Subject to change with shift/personal changes . . .
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