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  1. Is anyone else dying in anticipation of what comes next? It's been mighty quiet these days from Camp U2, I wonder what is cooking? ZooTV2022? A new album? Both? As Tom Petty sang, "The waiting is the hardest part."
  2. Thanks dmway, very well said. I'm not as worried about fan expectations as you are. If Willie Williams is still involved I have no doubt that ZOOTV would be updated for the new millennium in proper fashion. I saw the original show at the Tokyo Dome (with Big Audio Dynamite as the opening act) and its still one of the best shows I have ever seen. Even if they want to go big and play football stadiums, Outside Broadcast would translate well. I just want the band to enjoy themselves. Larry's absence from the Sirius channel is concerning. Do whatever you have to do to keep having fun. If its a new album, fine. If its no new album, just Achtung Baby/ZOOTV plus, fine. But after 40+ years I feel like the happiness of the band will determine what happens after whatever comes next. So I'll take whatever comes, as long as all four guys finish with excitement for the future.
  3. Hello from San Francisco. I'm really missing the rumors/updates we used to get from @U2. Has anyone found a site that fills this void? I'd love to know if there is any activity, if there is any recording going on, any hints about what lays ahead. Personally I am praying for a rebirth of ZOOTV and a world tour of Achtung Baby (which would be fucking mind-blowing) but at this point I'll take what I can get! Andy
  4. I just made this list and am pretty proud of it, feel free to post your list too! June 4th, 1986, San Francisco, Cow Palace, Amnesty International Conspiracy of Hope Tour November 4th, 1987, Oakland Coliseum (outdoors) Joshua Tree December 10th, 1993, Tokyo Dome, ZOOTV June 18th, 1997, Oakland Coliseum (outdoors) POPMART April 2nd, 2001, Compaq Center, Houston, TX Elevation October 28th, 2005, Toyota Center, Houston, TX, Vertigo July 20th, 2011, The Meadowlands, East Rutherford, NJ, U2360 November 10th, 2015, Accor Arena, Paris, Innocence & Experience October 19th, 2018, Manchester Arena, Experience & Innocence December 4th, 2019, Saitama Arena, Joshua Tree
  5. Sorry if this has already been posted (moderator feel free to delete) but I'm curious what the crowd thinks: Once the pandemic is behind us and big shows start up again, would you prefer U2 finish and release a new record and tour for that, or since 2021 is the 30th anniversary of Achtung Baby, revise ZOOTV and do a tour where they play that album start to finish (plus a few more songs, like the Joshua Tree Tour.) My personal preference, as somebody who saw ZOOTV in the Tokyodome in 1993, is they absolutely must bring it back. Not only was Achtung Baby one of their best records, but today's media landscape and political climate are just begging for a ZOOTV style ass kicking. That being said, it needs to be fun for the band. I worry about Larry calling it quits a lot. If taking a new album out on the road would keep things new and exciting for them, then by all means do that. But these times cry out for ZOOTV. And those songs...! Cheers, Andy in California
  6. Am I the only one wondering: where is Larry Mullen? We hear Bono, Edge, and Adam every day, but I haven't heard Larry once. That makes me nervous...
  7. My new license plates...


  8. I'm still confused about Japan pickup. I paid for three SS tickets for the first night in Tokyo, bought with my Red Hills presale code (I live in Vietnam) but I really don't understand what is the process with the pickup in Japan. I will not be going to Tokyo until 2-3 days before the show, so does that mean I will be getting the last crappy seats, or are my tickets already reserved and I just walk up to a machine in the 7-11 and enter my email order number... I bought my tickets 30 seconds after they went on sale, so they should be good seats if things are done properly. Does anyone have any experience with this? Thanks in advance...
  9. Today I got this answer from the ticket company in Japan: Dear, Thank you for your question. Your seat number has not been decided yet. Also, you can not select areas or floors. Please check your ticket after issuing the ticket. Sincerely yours, PIA Corporation It seems to me that a pre-sale would give participants a better choice of seats, that they would put you towards the front rather than towards the back. If I end up way in the back of the SS section I am going to be really bummed. Every other time I have had a pre-sale seat it has been really good, but it seems in Japan they wait until the last minute to decide which seats will be given to which customers. Oh well... nothing I can do about it now.
  10. I'm not worried that anything got screwed up, my card was charged the right amount and I got my confirmation emailed to me immediately. But I am dying to know how close I am to the stage! I must have been one of the first transactions to go through, now I have to wait for months to find out!
  11. I lived in Osaka for four years, and saw many concerts in Japan (including ZOOTV at the Tokyo Dome) and never have I heard of this method of not telling you what section or seat you are in until the last moment. SS covers such a large area, we could be up close or we could be way back. Nothing to do but wait, but yes if you hear something please let us all know. Thanks!
  12. Thanks. Yeah it seems really odd that I have no idea where the three seats are. Are they even together? It would be ironic if me and my two friends were sitting nowhere near each other... Keep me posted, Andy
  13. I’m really feeling frustrated. Bought 3 “SS” tickets, spent about a thousand dollars, and I have no idea where my seats are. 😡
  14. I also got SS tickets for Tokyo, but my email/confirmation gives me no idea in which section I am in or what row, seats, etc. How to get this info, is there a different site we are supposed to go to and enter our Ticket Number or Order Number? I'd sure love to know where I will be sitting after buying these expensive tickets!
  15. Yes I have that, but I do not know which number/row/section my tickets are in. My confirmation says 3 tickets but nothing about where they are...
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