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  1. Ok no One answer me for no receiving code, and no gift in One year impossible to buy tkt in my country Sometimes, sometimes, sometimes Sometimes I'm full of anger and grieving So far away from believing That any song will reappear
  2. Once upon a time..there was a band i believe in, that wanted to change the world, and there was a generation who loved them, with poster and dreams in our bedroom..we wrote letters full of passion and pride of the band..now we pay for our passion and we receive codes, numbers and frustation, album for codes, subscriptions for tickets, dollars to feed passion or something else.. NOT IN MY NAME a girl from JT generation
  3. The presale starts in 1 hour and still no answer ?
  4. so this is mine U22 is in my hands can you listen to my daughter "CHE BELLO' at the end of the video? http://yfrog.com/nabvuz
  5. this the reply to my mail: INFO a me Please contact U2.com From: mikaela [mailto:mikaelad72@gmail.com] Sent: 27 July 2011 05:36 To: INFO Subject: Moncton live stream Dear Principle Management, As a loyal member of U2.com, I would like to request, or beg on hands and knees, on behalf of myself and other paying members, a live feed of the Moncton show. When we have not been at the shows, we have followed them in the Zootopia forum. As the final show of such an amazing tour, it would please us immensely to be able to follow a good live feed. Your consideration to
  6. ok, but the cake is under the cream
  7. my darlings Manuel and Denise hope to see U2 SOON
  8. my darlings Manuel and Denise hope to see U2 SOON
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