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  1. I never did make it over to Europe to see any shows from the second leg, and that's too bad, because the set list was even stronger than in the first leg (except for the fact that they ditched "Red Flag Day" toward the end of the second leg). But I retain a measure of satisfaction simply from having had my wish granted this year, of finally seeing "Acrobat" performed live after all these years of imagining it. I hope that the next tour does not depend on an album release, since the lads are notoriously slow about putting out new albums. I'd be down for a tour of "Achtung Baby 30" (even though they already played many "Achtung Baby" songs in the European leg this year). For Berlin this week, I hope they add at least one unexpected song during the encore.
  2. I saw Simple Minds for the first time ever last month in San Francisco (10/25/18) at The Masonic, which is a good venue. I can't believe I never saw them in the 80s. Jim Kerr seemed in top form to me, both vocally and physically (he must do yoga). It was a long show, and perhaps his voice was tiring by the end, since he basically had the crowd sing "Alive and Kicking". I'm sure that Kerr/Burchill hate this, but I will forever think of them as a lesser U2 without enough standout material. Aside from the few big hits, the other material was all "same sounding", like an ongoing ambient track that was periodically punctured by a standout song (which also had the same sound, but with a hook added). Still, I'm glad I went.
  3. Very gladly! I had given up on them. The little break since Madrid seems to have worked wonders. I just listened to these three songs on YouTube, and they were full-on versions, not wimpified acoustic versions. I'd have to say that, out of nowhere, Copenhagen Night Two is the highlight of the tour to this point! Let's see what happens in Hamburg now.
  4. Europe set list is better than US set list, thanks to the four song substitutions. I hope it gets back on track (even though I won't be making it to Europe for any shows).
  5. If someone can get this message to the band/team: the product "Ipolat", sold in Germany, is an herbal "miracle drug" for the voice, available at the nearest pharmacy.
  6. This topic has been discussed since the start of the tour. It's absolutely clear now that the set list is set in stone (the only difference is swapping out "Gloria" for "All Because of You" on the second night in a city). Even "Red Flag Day" is gone, and earlier "Raised by Wolves" was dropped (too long of a set for them? too high for Bono to sing every time?). I'd prefer less visual choreography and more set list diversity, but they're not going to do it. The only mystery remaining is if the set list will be tweaked for Europe. Otherwise, as someone who went to two of the early shows in the tour (San Jose, Las Vegas), it's boring to follow the tour, waiting for anything different, but nothing different happens.
  7. Agreed. In theory they can ditch the lights and the images for 30 minutes, and just frickin' play any songs they want, even if Edge has to forego some special effects. I know this hasn't been their approach, but it would be refreshing as the tour goes on. Won't happen though.
  8. Yep - we "Riches" have to stick together! ? Good luck, but I know you'll be OK - it just takes persistence.
  9. In the US, a few tickets are typically withheld until the day of show. However, if I were you I would use this website forum to see if anyone has Dublin tickets to sell. They might not yet, but some people probably will, starting the week of the show, all the way up to the morning of the show. You can also just show up in the GA line that morning, and see if anyone has an extra ticket because of a friend not being able to make it. It happens often enough to make it likely. I've never not been able to get into any given show in the past, if I really wanted it. But hedge your bets and avoid Night One shows in any city including Dublin. There's more demand on Night One.
  10. Funny! But for me it has strictly to do with timing.
  11. If you can make it to Milan in October, there are still tickets for the fourth night. But you can find a way to score tickets at any venue, especially on a second night. I'm thinking of Manchester Night Two (still tickets for that one too).
  12. Yeah, it was like they were taking things a bit far in their desire to play a gig for Middle America.
  13. I was at the @U2 website, and was taken aback that U2 was playing in Duluth tonight. I then found out it's Duluth, GA, and not Duluth, MN. The world makes sense again! Enjoy the last show before the one-week break! Perhaps Montreal will unveil some new stuff in the set list, though I wouldn't count on it.
  14. Strange. I saw them a couple of years ago, and then again last year, and was impressed with sound and vocals.
  15. Yeah. Sometimes we forget that some U2 "fans" are merely people who enjoyed their big hits the 80s and early 90s, and want that to be the show. They should have gone to the JT Tour last year, and would have gotten exactly what they wanted. This year U2 is back to being U2 in the moment, which is their way. I liked the show in San Jose so much that I couldn't get enough, and went to Vegas to get my fill. Probably will do one in Europe in October if I can put it together as part of a trip I'm planning.
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