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  1. I never did make it over to Europe to see any shows from the second leg, and that's too bad, because the set list was even stronger than in the first leg (except for the fact that they ditched "Red Flag Day" toward the end of the second leg). But I retain a measure of satisfaction simply from having had my wish granted this year, of finally seeing "Acrobat" performed live after all these years of imagining it. I hope that the next tour does not depend on an album release, since the lads are notoriously slow about putting out new albums. I'd be down for a tour of "Achtung Baby 30" (even though they already played many "Achtung Baby" songs in the European leg this year). For Berlin this week, I hope they add at least one unexpected song during the encore.
  2. I saw Simple Minds for the first time ever last month in San Francisco (10/25/18) at The Masonic, which is a good venue. I can't believe I never saw them in the 80s. Jim Kerr seemed in top form to me, both vocally and physically (he must do yoga). It was a long show, and perhaps his voice was tiring by the end, since he basically had the crowd sing "Alive and Kicking". I'm sure that Kerr/Burchill hate this, but I will forever think of them as a lesser U2 without enough standout material. Aside from the few big hits, the other material was all "same sounding", like an ongoing ambient track that was periodically punctured by a standout song (which also had the same sound, but with a hook added). Still, I'm glad I went.
  3. Very gladly! I had given up on them. The little break since Madrid seems to have worked wonders. I just listened to these three songs on YouTube, and they were full-on versions, not wimpified acoustic versions. I'd have to say that, out of nowhere, Copenhagen Night Two is the highlight of the tour to this point! Let's see what happens in Hamburg now.
  4. Europe set list is better than US set list, thanks to the four song substitutions. I hope it gets back on track (even though I won't be making it to Europe for any shows).
  5. If someone can get this message to the band/team: the product "Ipolat", sold in Germany, is an herbal "miracle drug" for the voice, available at the nearest pharmacy.
  6. This topic has been discussed since the start of the tour. It's absolutely clear now that the set list is set in stone (the only difference is swapping out "Gloria" for "All Because of You" on the second night in a city). Even "Red Flag Day" is gone, and earlier "Raised by Wolves" was dropped (too long of a set for them? too high for Bono to sing every time?). I'd prefer less visual choreography and more set list diversity, but they're not going to do it. The only mystery remaining is if the set list will be tweaked for Europe. Otherwise, as someone who went to two of the early shows in the tour (San Jose, Las Vegas), it's boring to follow the tour, waiting for anything different, but nothing different happens.
  7. Agreed. In theory they can ditch the lights and the images for 30 minutes, and just frickin' play any songs they want, even if Edge has to forego some special effects. I know this hasn't been their approach, but it would be refreshing as the tour goes on. Won't happen though.
  8. Yep - we "Riches" have to stick together! ? Good luck, but I know you'll be OK - it just takes persistence.
  9. In the US, a few tickets are typically withheld until the day of show. However, if I were you I would use this website forum to see if anyone has Dublin tickets to sell. They might not yet, but some people probably will, starting the week of the show, all the way up to the morning of the show. You can also just show up in the GA line that morning, and see if anyone has an extra ticket because of a friend not being able to make it. It happens often enough to make it likely. I've never not been able to get into any given show in the past, if I really wanted it. But hedge your bets and avoid Night One shows in any city including Dublin. There's more demand on Night One.
  10. Funny! But for me it has strictly to do with timing.
  11. If you can make it to Milan in October, there are still tickets for the fourth night. But you can find a way to score tickets at any venue, especially on a second night. I'm thinking of Manchester Night Two (still tickets for that one too).
  12. Yeah, it was like they were taking things a bit far in their desire to play a gig for Middle America.
  13. I was at the @U2 website, and was taken aback that U2 was playing in Duluth tonight. I then found out it's Duluth, GA, and not Duluth, MN. The world makes sense again! Enjoy the last show before the one-week break! Perhaps Montreal will unveil some new stuff in the set list, though I wouldn't count on it.
  14. Strange. I saw them a couple of years ago, and then again last year, and was impressed with sound and vocals.
  15. Yeah. Sometimes we forget that some U2 "fans" are merely people who enjoyed their big hits the 80s and early 90s, and want that to be the show. They should have gone to the JT Tour last year, and would have gotten exactly what they wanted. This year U2 is back to being U2 in the moment, which is their way. I liked the show in San Jose so much that I couldn't get enough, and went to Vegas to get my fill. Probably will do one in Europe in October if I can put it together as part of a trip I'm planning.
  16. Ah, OK. I don't know about "entitlement issues", but I don't share the opinion of some fans that U2 "owes" them the catalogue of hits. I prefer to see new songs plus "album track" songs, as they are largely doing. I'll check out your comment on the other thread.
  17. Goes to show you that we all have our personal preferences. As I did, you also kept the first part of the set list pretty much intact, and reconfigured the second part. FWIW, I never liked "Love and Peace" too much, and "Song for Someone" is redundant given the way they perform "13" at the end. Mofo is good, whereas I'm not a huge fan of either Desire or American Soul. I don't need "One" anymore, and "The Troubles" is a better album song than live song.
  18. To each his own. I was excited as always to see U2 being U2, in the moment, not living in the past. The first part of the set is packed with excellent songs that tell a story. The second half could be stronger, as I've suggested, but it was still great to be in attendance. If you think that it was "horrible", then our tastes are not residing on the same planet, and that's OK. I would tell people to definitely see the show, if you like U2 to begin with. This is not some retro act.
  19. I don't get it. Is that supposed to mean that U2 has "entitlement issues", or is there something about that link that means anything? The way I figure it, U2 is making a bad assumption, namely that very few of the same people are going to go to both nights' shows in a city, and that therefore they want to make sure that the people who only go one night get to the see the show they wish to deliver. But in reality, a big chunk of their fanbase attends multiple shows (no, I don't have any data on that, just anecdotal evidence).
  20. My secret fantasy is that U2 opens one of their big shows with Simple Minds taking the stage to play "Alive and Kicking", totally unannounced, catching the crowd off guard, sending them into a frenzy. Then U2 joins them for another song, before U2 takes over for the rest of the show, then bringing Jim Kerr back to sing along with Bono during the encore for another song. Tears for Fears would be another band to bring onstage as a surprise, perhaps at the start of the encore. These are pure fantasies of mine. I remember having this fantasy for the first time in October 2009 at the Rose Bowl concert, when the crowd was waiting for U2 to come on stage, and I thought, what if it turned out to be Simple Minds instead?
  21. Lots of potential there for interesting "Night Two" tweaks. They are even playing 4 nights in Milan in October, and it would be a travesty to have four identical shows to what they've done thus far. I enjoy the first half of the show more than the second half. If I could wave a magic wand, I'd make some big changes to the second part, and some small tweaks to the first part. For the first part of the show.: While "I Will Follow" is always great live, they have played it a lot in recent tours (sometimes swapping ElectricCo or Out of Control, which they could do this time as well). To fit with the SoE theme, a mind-blowing choice out of left field would be "Another Time Another Place" instead. Or, to really get the crowd going, play "11 O'Clock Tick Tock" before "The Ocean", just like how they used to end their shows in 1981. I can live without "Beautiful Day" at this point. Instead, make sure to play "Red Flag Day" at every show. My selfish set list for first part of show: Love is All We Have Left The Blackout Lights of Home Red Flag Day Gloria Another Time Another Place / 11 O'Clock Tick Tock (alternate them each night) The Ocean Iris Cedarwood Road Raised By Wolves (can still have a Sunday Bloody Sunday intro, to tell the childhood story, but keep it short, and weave it into RBW) Until the End of the World For the second part: I respect the crowd-energizing power of Elevation, Vertigo, and Desire to open the second set, as well as "Pride" to fire up the crowd later, but I am tired of them all, and would make substitutions. Here is a chance to inject some variability into Night One vs. Night Two set lists, to keep things interesting. I also respect the band's desire to perform their new songs (YTBTAM, GOOYOW, American Soul), but I especially don't care for American Soul, and would lose it (including the political references), replacing it with a more unifying "Please" at that juncture in the show. To maintain SoE content, play "The Showman" (which IMO is better than either Summer of Love or Landlady for a live show, as opposed to on the recording). I would retain only one slot for the "classic hits", and there they can alternate New Year's Day (full version) and Streets. I would move "Acrobat" to a more powerful position, right before equally powerful "Love is Blindness" to close out the main set with awesomeness. Add a couple of surprises that will go over well (the first four slots allow for that), and here's my selfish second part of the show: Electrical Storm / Magnificent (alternate them each night) City of Blinding Lights / Vertigo (alternate them each night) (the crowd really seems to go nuts for Vertigo, so keep it for one night per city) Crumbs from Your Table / Miracle Drug (alternate them each night) Who's Gonna Ride Your Wild Horses / Heartland (alternate them each night) ["Kite" is another possibility, but I think the other two would work better] You're the Best Thing About Me (electric version would be better, but if they keep acoustic version, then follow it with The Showman, also acoustic) The Showman Get Out of Your Own Way New Year's Day (full version) / Where the Streets Have No Name (alternate them each night) Please Acrobat Love is Blindness Closing with "Love is Blindness" (the live version that we know and love) would be huge. For the encore: I would include four songs, starting out with something to rouse the fans, then getting back to SoE, adding "Little Things". Two Hearts Beat as One / The Fly (alternate them each night) Love is Bigger Than Anything In Its Way The Little Things That Give You Away 13 (There is a Light)  [this covers the elements of "Song for Someone" already, so no need to do both] A total of 26 numbers (11 + 11 + 4), 7 of which alternate between Nights One and Two, and with 10 songs from SoE. The first half would be stable and mostly unchanged from the actual set list, whereas the second part would be totally overhauled, and would have four alternating slots. Fans would appreciate attending both shows of a two-night stand.
  22. It's definitely annoying to fans who would like to attend multiple shows, or even those like me who just want U2 to play more of their songs on this tour. They seem to have settled in to the 11-song first set, without adding in anything on the backside (or restoring Wild Horses). Maybe Red Flag Day and Raised By Wolves are too vocally taxing for Bono each night? Maybe they bit off more than they could chew with 26 songs, when past tours usually max out at 22 or 23? Who knows...
  23. So the boys have gotten comfortable with the 11-song first set (24 total), ditching Red Flag Day and Raised By Wolves, without adding in any other songs, or adding back Wild Horses. I wonder if they'll make any tweaks before Europe (or even then).
  24. That's cool too. They usually release a few GA seats on the afternoon of the show, but that's a gut-wrenching way to do it.
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