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  1. [quote name=Panth]Rule 1. of being a U2 fan, Unless Paul McGuiness says it, its only a rumor.totally agree... everybody knows that Bono likes to talk and talk and talk... how many times have we heard things like that? a million... but now... anything they wanna share is highly welcome and i'll be waiting for it impatiently
  2. U2 - Achtung Baby Depeche Mode - Songs of Faith & Devotion David Bowie - Outside Radiohead - OK Computer Stone Temple Pilots - Purple
  3. FUCK OFF! get a life... anyways you don't deserve those CDs... so yeah... please return them
  4. i found this article, i don't know if it has been posted here before but i found it interesting... even though i don't agree with some of thestatements for me is quite simple U2 kicks REM butt in all senses ... but here yougo! http://stylusmagazine.com/articles/weekly_article/u2-vs-rem.htm
  5. that has been my only complaint since they realeased the album more B-sides!!!
  6. yeahhhhhhhhhh!!! so happy!
  7. love the album, love the tour is one of favourite albums... the thing for me is that POP was ahead of its time, and not many people was prepared for it... but it has an amazing sound... The Edge is amazing on that record
  8. Indian Summer Sky - from the best band in the world!!!
  9. hello fellows! how many of you have heard Gavin Friday's albums? i have the Shag Tobacco & Adam ´N´ Eve albums... i never thought that they were that good... great songs on those albums, about the first one... ihaven't listened to it... just some samples... not very interested in that album though my question is... if you like Gavin Friday as much as i do... wouldn't you like to hear some new material?... he has been absent for a while now andi'm afraid (correct me if i'm wrong) that is because he never had much success, but even though i really think he's a great musician and Maurice
  10. i think he's singing better now than 10 years ago...
  11. where are the B-sides? this has been my biggest complaint about the album they said they had around 50 - 60 songs to work with and we have only seen/heard 1 b-side on the box set edition and that's it... i don't know is justthat i miss the old way to handle the singles... why would i like 10 versions of magnificent?... don't get me wrong i loved them all but that's notwhat i would like to get from a single, it's 'funny' to me that the best single so far is the one for GOYB just because it has a great version ofNLOTH... but nothing else!
  12. i've heard about this in the past, i don't know if that's truth or not... but i wouldn't be surprised about Bono listening to Soda Stereo...why not? they were (and are) the best spanish rock band and Dynamo is a GREAT album... my favourite along with the SuenoStereo, i'm NOT comparing but Dynamo is like the Zooropa for U2... and i will have tomention the Colores Santos which is the previous work from Cerati (and Melero) which is the reason why the Dynamo was made Cerati is just magnificent... the greatest, why would you be surprised about this? once i heard Cerati saying that U2, Depeche Mod
  13. 1. U2 2. Led Zeppelin 3. Queen 4. The Rolling Stones 5. The Beatles
  14. here's mine... TODAY! 1. Achtung Baby *** this 2 will never change! 2. Zooropa *** here's the hard part 3. War 4. POP 5. The Joshua Tree i think...
  15. Scott Montes wrote: LOL...you are confused by your close to New Jersey location....Bruce is not even in the conversation of "Greatest Rock Bands of all time"....hmmm...this would make a good topic!! (U2, The Beatles, Led Zeppelin, The Doors...these are the bands that come up in this discussion) Bruce is a solo act. The "Eaststreet Band" backs him up. His name resinates large in America, but not so much World Wide. "Born in the USA" made him famous in America. Not so much around the world. U2 are the godfathers of "Alternative Rock"....they built the format....you must not be
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