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  1. Fucking unbelievably not right. Feeling it for you. Xxxx
  2. So glad to hear you're feeling accomplished and thankful. ?
  3. The Best Things Are Easy To Destroy
  4. Tree Murderers. There is nothing worse. ? It breaks my heart. I tried the link but it doesn't work.
  5. Notoriannies on Bond Street, South Shore in Blackpool. England. UK. Truly The best icecream in The North West. ????????
  6. Great post. I love your story. I would have had Lucy chasing a stray peacock, that just happened to belong to Bono. ? Off the top of my head here's my ditty. I am at a festival. Preferably Beatherder next weekend. (Even though u2 are playing Berlin on Saturday, heyho) I can feel something special in the air. An intuitive sense, as if someone is watching me. Yet can't quite put my finger on who. This feeling intensifies... (Back to finish story later ?)
  7. Hallo u2 people. I'm an Old Skool Zootopian. This place used to be my home.... ...Way back. From 2002. I used to love it here. I still miss my old friends. are any of you still here? xxx
  8. rubymoon


    wow. sorry I guess I need to wear my glasses. is it a camera ?
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